Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews: Are They For Real?

*** The Is Guest Post By Charlie Cole ***

I’ve always hated shaving. On more than one occasion, while shaving in the shower, I have wondered how many hours total I’ve spent in my life shaving, as well as how many razors, bottles of shaving cream and gallons of water I’ve gone through. It really seemed like endless amounts of each, with much, much more to come. When I saw Kim Kardashian on TV promoting a small, hand-held laser that was supposed to permanently remove your hair in your own home, I was intrigued, to say the least.

I don’t really care if Kim Kardashian uses it, but the fact that they could afford her as a spokesperson meant this wasn’t some fly by night deal, which is the impression I’ve always had of products making these kind of claims. Also, I’m sure she has expensive legal and marketing teams that made sure the product was safe and at least semi-effective. Imagine the PR fallout otherwise! After watching the interview, I went online to see if I could find some first hand Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews. Ultimately, they are what convinced me to try it out.

The Tria is one of only two FDA approved laser hair removal devices, both CLINICALLY PROVEN TO REMOVE HAIR PERMANENTLY! I compared it to the other one, the Silk’n SensEpil, and decided to choose the Tria, because it had won the Prestige Skin Care Breakthrough Award, as well as Allure’s Beauty Breakthrough Award. It’s also a cordless, handheld unit, much smaller and far less clunky than the SensEpil, so it seemed like it would be easier to use.

Update: June 2015


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Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews: As Easy As Shaving

Before receiving my Tria, I just couldn’t imagine laser hair removal that didn’t take a lot of specialized training to do. I was a little bit worried that they were going to have to send me some huge textbook just to operate the thing, but my fears were totally unfounded. All you have to do is hold the laser against your skin. You’ll hear a beep, feel a slight snap and a little heat, and then you just keep doing that until you’ve covered the whole area where you want to remove the hair. It works automatically, so you don’t have to keep pressing a button over and over again.

It’s actually such a simple procedure, I had to read up a little on the science of it.  I had read reviews saying it was going to work, but I was just so incredibly skeptical until I saw it with my own eyes that I had to find out more.

Apparently, the laser actually travels down the shaft of your hair, into the root itself.  Each time you use the Tria, it zaps the follicle a little more, weakening it little by little.  I guess I’d describe this as easy to believe in principle, hard to believe when you actually use the product, and simply amazing when you see it start working.  I could barely believe it when my hair started coming in thinner, and now I can still barely believe that it hasn’t grown back since I finished the treatments.

Seriously? Safe AND Painless?

Most of the Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews I read said that using it felt like snapping yourself lightly with a rubber band. I think that’s a fair comparison, thought I would add that it feels the rubber band has been slightly heated. It’s not totally comfortable, but it’s not really painful, either. If you’ve ever waxed, this will be nothing. It also has 5 different settings, so you can adjust it if you have sensitive skin. I usually use the highest setting without too much discomfort, because I want to see results quickly, though I do tend to turn it down a notch when I get near my bikini line or my armpits.

Now, I mentioned that Kim Kardashian’s approval made me think it was probably safe, but naturally I wanted more technical information. I found out that with some darker skin types, the Tria just doesn’t work, and might even cause some minor burning. Thankfully, before each use, it tests your skin tone quickly to see if you’re good to go. The unit comes with a 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and they’ll even pay shipping, so it doesn’t really hurt to try it and see. It works for most skin types, and it won’t cost you anything to see if it works for you.

tria laser hair removal reviews

Obviously, a laser that can remove hair from your body forever is some serious business, and it’s no surprise that only the pros were allowed to do it for so long.  A lot of time, effort, and money went into designing a unit that could do this while also being ABSOLUTELY SAFE for home use. I was surprised that I actually had to call the company to activate the Tria after I received it!

I guess I should note that the device isn’t recommended for use on the face or genitals.  The consensus on the internet, though, seems to be that it’s actually safe and effective for use on the face, and the company is probably just being overly cautious about it.

Will This Take A Lot Of Time?

One session of Tria use does take longer than shaving. Quite a bit longer, actually, and I can do one leg in about an hour, give or take. The benefits really outweigh the drawbacks, though. For one thing, it’s not messy at all, so I can do it anywhere, even while I’m watching TV. What’s more important to me, though, and I imagine will be important to most users, is that the results last a much longer time.  Ask yourself, do you want to shave for the rest of your life, or laser for a few months?

In The Long Run

When you first start using the Tria, you’re supposed to use it every couple of weeks, decreasing with time. It took me a few sessions before I saw results, but then I noticed that there was definitely less hair growing in. As time went on, I used it less and less, and very little hair was coming back. It has now been a few months since I stopped using it, and I’ve had ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF HAIR REGROWTH! It took me about 6 months or so to get to the point where it wasn’t coming back, and from what I’ve read, this is about average. It might take a little bit more or less time, depending on your skin tone and hair color.

tria laser hair removal review

And It’s Affordable, Too

The base price of the Tria, at $449 or $534 for the full gift set, is not exactly pocket change. However, as part of their Summer promo, for a limited time you can get an awesome free gift when you treat yourself to the Tria Laser 4X at the start of 2015. Simply enter the coupon code NEWYEAR when you reach the checkout.

On top of this Tria also offer an Easy Pay option which means you can get the Tria 4X at around half the upfront cost and then you can make up the reminder in small monthly installments. They also ofter 100% free shipment as well as a HUGE 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That is 2 months longer than the Silk’n Sensepil and 30 days longer than No No Hair Removal.

This means you can completely test just how good the Tria 4X is for you and if you don’t see results within the first 3 months, you can simple return the unit to Tria Beauty – quick, easy, no questions asked. Tria’s customer service is fantastic (I had some early questions about skin tones which they helped me with in a friendly and professional manner…) so you don’t have to worry about being messed around with when it comes to refunds.

Not only that but the Tria looks better aesthetically than these other two devicesand is undoubtedly easier to use with its cordless design, so it’s the obvious choice for a home hair removal laser.

Even without the easy pay option, the Tria still costs LESS THAN ONE SESSION of traditional laser hair removal. Since laser hair removal takes multiple treatments, the price quickly adds up to much, much more than the Tria. Even the eventual cost of razors, shaving cream and water would be more than the initial, one-time cost of the Tria.


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Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews: I’m Glad I Bought Mine

The Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews I read before trying the product were really spot on. The device really does do what they claim it does, and if you take an objective look, it’s really hard to find a better solution for hair removal. You might be put off at first because yes, it does initially cost more than a few razors and shaving cream, and yes, each session does take longer than shaving, but trust me, it is so worth it. This is currently the BEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE OPTION I have found for getting rid of unwanted hair.

TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser

[review name=”tria laser hair removal 4x” description=”The New And Improved Tria Laser 4x – FDA Approved It Is Our Number 1 Choice For Home Laser Hair Removal” manfu=”tria beauty” url=”” price=”449.00″ currency=”USD” rating_0=”Performance,5″ rating_1=”Easy of Use,4″ rating_2=”Pain Free,4″ rating_3=”Durability,5″ rating_4=”Value For Money,4″ ]

Ginny Mcknight


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  1. avatarZoraida says

    Hi, Ginny. I have tried a lot of different things over the year for unwanted facial hair. I have heard all the claims of different products touting the benefits of their hair removal and hair loss products, and the truth is, none of them ever work. Does the Tria laser really work?


    • avatar says

      Thanks for asking this question. I can tell you that the Tria Laser REALLY does what it says it will do. The device is one of only TWO FDA approved lasers for home hair removal. You can rest assured that you will notice it working almost immediately, and best of all, the results are absolutely permanent. You won’t see the hair thinning right before your eyes, but within a few weeks, you will notice a very dramatic reduction in the overall amount of body hair. Most people experience about 50-60% less hair in just 6 weeks, and 80-90% in about a year of regular usage.


  2. avatarreia says

    I am a 20 year old woman with extremely fair (almost translucent) skin and very dark hair. My problem areas are my upper lip, knuckles, and toes in particular. With my skin being so fair, it is also extremely sensitive. Can I use the tria laser on my sensitive skin?


    • avatar says

      Absolutely. You can use the Tria Laser on any skin type. It has a variety of settings so that you can adjust the intensity. Even very sensitive skin can be treated with the Tria Laser Hair Removal System without pain, injury, or damage.


  3. avatarBrenda Cruz says

    Hello. I want to start off by saying I NEVER write testimonials for products because they seem forced and fake, but after using the Tria Laser Hair Removal System, I thought I needed to say SOMETHING! This thing is amazing. I have struggled with unwanted hair since I was a teenager. I have tried everything on the market from waxing to creams to electrolysis. The only thing that really worked was the electrolysis, but it was SO expensive. I tried the Tria Laser Hair Removal System after seeing it had won an award from Allure magazine, and I am so happy I did. I began seeing results almost immediately, and within a few weeks of using it, I don't need to think about waxing anymore. The process is extremely easy and virtually painless. I was worried that the “zapping” from the laser would feel like an electric shock and would begin to become painful, but it was far less painful than waxing typically is. I can honestly say, it was worth every penny I paid for it, and I will never have to wax or shave again! 


  4. avatargougeee says

    Hi. I have very thick hair on my legs. Sometines there are more than one hair growing from each pour on my legs so if I want truly smooth legs I have to shave a couple tomes per day. I want to try lazer hair rmoval, but I have tattoos and have herd it cant be used on tattoos. Is this true?


  5. avatardevit says

    I am a guy who likes to look clean-cut and well-groomed—particularly when it comes to my eyebrows. I always got a little self-concious going to a salon to have my unibrow waxed, so I tried my girlfriends tria laser. What can I say? I was a bit of a chicken at first thinking it would hurt like waxing (though I would never outwardly admit this to my lady!). But I was totally surprised when it not only didn't hurt, but worked almost instantly at cleaning up my eyebrows. This thing totally rocks!


  6. avatarNize1951 says

    I spent a lot of money in the past on laser hair removal treatments in a doctors office. What is the difference between the treatments at the docs office vs. the home treatments with Tria?


    • avatar says

      The only difference between the laser treatments you will get in a dermatologist’s office and the Tria laser home hair removal system is price. Tria has the same diode laser that dermatologists have in their offices, and it is the only home device that does. The treatment head is smaller on the Tria, but it allows home users more control and ease of use. With the Tria home laser, you will get the same results you would get at the doctor’s office at only a fraction of the price.


  7. avatarJessica G. says

    I adore my Tria laser!  If I could marry it, I would! I have been looking for long term hair removal for as long as I can remember. Even when I would wax, I would start to get new hair growth super fast. My “sideburns” are as thick as a man's and my skin is prone to breakouts. Whenever I wax the hair still comes back almost as fast as shaving and the wax causes me to break out. So then I am a pimply manly looking woman. My sister told me about the Tria laser and I thought it was worth a try since nothing else really worked. I was absolutely thrilled that the sideburns started thinning right away. A few treatments later my hair was almost completely gone on my face. The best part is that it wasn't just long term hair removal like waxing. My sideburns are finally gone off my face forever.

  8. avatarAmy Chaparro says

    Hello! I am only having just few small arenas of hair I am wanting to get gone. I use the waxing at home and salons, but it hurts and it expensive after a few times. This is good solution for hair removal? Thanks you for all the answers.


    • avatar says

      Yes, if there are only a few areas that are relatively small, you can get very quick results using the Tria Laser at home for a small fraction of the cost of what you would pay to have it done professionally.


  9. avatarThema Nelson says

    Electrolysis is still the only permanent hair removal system, hands down. This was confirmed by a professional esthetician. These lasers are still in they're testing phase. Lasers also excludes most people of color.

  10. avatarHagany says

    I have read everything about Tria, and I am really interested in trying it. The only thing that is holding me back from purchasing this is the fear that it will hurt and I will only use it once. Is it painful?


    • avatar says

      This is an excellent question, and one that had crossed my mind before I decided to try the Tria Laser. It is not nearly as painful as waxing, without a doubt. With that being said, I wouldn’t say it is completely without sensation. The best explanation I can give is that it feels like you are being lightly hit with a heated rubber band. There are several different settings on the Tria laser, so you can always adjust the intensity of the treatment.


  11. avatarcalixta says

    Hello. I just want to say tria is a lifesaver. Ii works as a lifegaurd and so I spnd a ton of time in a swimsuit. My bikini line is constantly irritated from shaving, and I an so embrassed by the constant red bumps I have in my bikini area. Hair romoval lotions and creams are too sgtrong for this sensitive area. I had it waxed once but was like oh my god I will so never to that again cuz it hurt so freaking bad. I got some money from my dad for a graduation present and I used it to buy this tria lase since my parents wouldnt buy it form me. I am glad I did get it instead of other stuff because now I dont have to worry about the bumps and hair around my bikini line and I can wear my swimsuit without feeling ugly and gross. At first I had to turn down the setting on it cuz it kinda hurt when I started lazering the area but once I did that it was fine and the hair got thinner in just a few days and I hardly have to shave anymore and the other lifegaurds I work with all wanna try this too. 


  12. avatarkatrina says

    I am mainly interested in having hair removal done for my face, but I see that the Tria laser is not recommended for the face. Is there ever gonna be a Tria home laser that will be approved for areas of the face?


    • avatar says

      This is, perhaps, one of the most frequent questions/comments I get about the Tria laser. Many people are looking to use it on their face, as that is one of the most common areas of unwanted body hair. I am not sure if Tria will ever have a home laser that is specifically for facial hair. I CAN tell you that I believe the recommendations against using it on the face are ultra conservative. With that being said, I have used this on my face on the lowest setting very frequently without any problems.


  13. avataragniney says

    I am looking for something to give me a smooth, um, “nether region”… is it okay to use the Tria for this?


    • avatar says

      It’s not officially recommended for use on the genitals, but a lot of people do it. I’d imagine you’d want to turn the intensity level down for something like that since the area is sensitive!


  14. avatarArthur says

    I am a bodybuilder and part of my “look” is to have smooth, hair-free skin. I have literally spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars shaving, waxing, and even using depillatory creams all over my body. While this certainly gets the job done at removing hair, it is very time consuming and only gives temporary results. I started looking for a semi-permanent or completely permanent hair loss solution to give me less time getting rid of hair and more time at the gym, and was very surprised at how much laser hair removal treatments cost! I started asking around to see if anybody knew about anything I could do at home that would give me permanent results without the extensive costs of professional laser hair removal treatments, and another bodybuilder told me about the Tria hair removal laser. I did some research, and was surprised that it is one of the only FDA approved devices for hair removal at home so I actually bought it. I was so surprised at how fast and pain free this was! It took longer than shaving and waxing at first, but it was virtually painless, and the results were permanent! While it took longer at first, eventually I was saving a ton of time by not having to shave at all. I highly recomment this laser!


  15. avatarJess says

    Hi, so i'm a female and thinking of buying this product, although i've had the recent TRIA product and it has thinner out some of my hair but not completely since I have very think hairs, i've heard this new laser is better. I was wondering if i use this product about 7 times and have really light hairs will it be okay to wax or will the hair grow back worse?

    • avatar says

      If you’ve been using the Tria, no, your hair won’t come back thicker after waxing. The question is, why are waxing at all? I’d recommend just continuing to use the Tria until the job is done and the hair is gone forever!

    • avatar says

      Technically, it’s not shaving, but it really does not hurt! The intensity of the laser is adjustable so it will even work on sensitive skin. A lot of people compare it to a light snap from an elastic band.


  16. avatarpatricia kolb says

    OMG I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOREVER!! Totally done with shaving now, goodbye razor burn haha!! Also it is really easy to use no problem. Did my legs and underrms, considerin doing my arms now but well see. would buy again!  

    • avatar says

      The treatments take longer than shaving, but over time, you will spend less and less time using the Tria laser. Each treatment can take up to an hour, but after a few treatments you will already begin to notice that you are having to treat fewer areas as the hair becomes permanently thinner.


  17. avatarmae says

    I’ve been considering electrolysis because my mom got it years ago and she was really happy with the results. Do you think the Tria can really compare?


    • avatar says

      Honestly, I think electrolysis is outdated. It’s a tedious process involving literally putting a needle into each and every hair follicle! The Tria is much easier and it gives the same PERMANENT results!


  18. avatarfrances says

    We bought one of thsee for our mom. she’s older and not erally good with electronics and stuff but this is actually perfect, it turned out to be definitely easy enough for her to use. sister is getting one for herself next haha!! Thanks Charlie!


  19. avatarDuane M. says

    Hello, I just wanted to put in my two cents. I’m a man, I bought the Tria to use on my chest and back (with my wife’s help, naturally). It worked  great and my wife also used it on her legs. This is really a great little gizmo!!


  20. avatarMerrill says

    I bought one of these when they first came out, and I used it and my hair never came back. I was looking for a review to show somebody else and this is perfect, I couldn’t have said it better myself!


  21. avatarann says

    hi there! i do spray tanning and i was wondering if there would be any problems with the Tria because of this. any advice?


    • avatar says

      Because of the way the Tria targets the dark-on-light of your hair follicles against your skin, it’s honestly better to even stay out of the sun a little bit so your skin is extra pale. It will probably work if you’re spray tanning, but maybe not as well as it would otherwise (meaning your treatments will ultimately take longer).


  22. avatarGiannini says

    I want something that will help me get rid of the little embarassing mustache I have does this work? I looked at silkn sensepil but it seems awkward!


    • avatar says

      The Tria isn’t “officially” recommended for use on the face, but a lot of people say it’s pretty ideal for exactly this use. The SensEpil does have a big clunky light, but it’s easy to reach small places, like your upper lip, with the laser on the Tria.


  23. avatarteresa says

    How does this thing work? It doesn't look like much, and I would hate to throw away a ton of money on crap that doesn't do what it claims to do. Is it really as effective as the laser treatments I would get from a professional?


    • avatar says

      Tria is a laser that sends an impulse to the root of the hair follicle. It begins by weakening the follicle so that eventually it will no longer hold onto each hair. It is the very same type of laser that is used in the doctor’s office, so you can rest assured that yes, it will work just as well as professional laser treatments do.


    • avatar says

      It may seem like it is expensive, but when you consider how much money you would pay for water, razors, shaving cream, waxing, or even salon or dermatologist services over a lifetime, the cost is actually very small.


  24. avatarKeith says

    Hello, I just wanted to put in my two cents. I’m a man, I bought the Tria to use on my chest and back (with my wife’s help, naturally). It worked  great and my wife also used it on her legs. This is really a great little gizmo!!


  25. avatarlourdes says

    Once you use it how long does it last? I have the No No and I have to use it about every month. Is it longer?


  26. avatarCannia says

    I bought one of these when they first came out, and I used it and my hair never came back. I was looking for a review to show somebody else and this is perfect, I couldn’t have said it better myself!


      • avatar says

        Hi, Ronnie, it’s not “officially” recommended for use on the face, at least not in the USA, but the general consensus on the internet seems to be that it works fine, safe and effectively, and that the company is just being overly cautious about it.

  27. avatarjeannie says

    Hi! I wanted to say thank you for writing this review! Read it, bought one, very happy with the results!


  28. avatarpurita zobel says

    does anyone like rich use this or is it like second rate hair removal for poor people? seems kind of funny

    Well, Kim Kardashian uses it!
    You said you should get it from the official website but I found a really good deal it looks like on ebay. I need to know really quick if i should bid on it!!!

    • avatar says

      I really advise people to just get it from the official website. You’ll get a good deal, AND it will be fully guaranteed. Also, on eBay there’s often no way to even know if you’re getting the real product!

  29. avatarjenggg says

    I actually bought this to use on my face, above my lip specifically. It turned out to be EXACTLY what I was looking for. It’s so easy to use and really on my face it only takes a few minutes, doesn’t hurt. Much less hair now and I’ve only been using it a few months now.

    • avatarDd says

      Are you able to get all the upper lip hair successfully without pressing Tria to the lips themselves? I’m worried about burning myself.
      Would appreciate any tips.

      • avatar says

        Hi, I figured out from some other posts on the internet that you can use surgical tape to cover your lips while you do it, so that’s what I ended up doing and it worked out fine for me.


  30. avatarJody T says

    Hi, I am a blonde with very fine hair on my legs, I have been told by friends that laser would not work well on me. Is this true?

  31. avatarJody T says

    Hi , I am blonde with very fine hair on my legs and have been told by friends that laser would not work well on me. Is this true?

    • avatar says

      Hi, Jody. Unfortunately, what your friends told you is true – laser hair removal DOES, in fact, work better on darker hair. That said, it also works on blonde hair, depending on how light it is and how light your skin is. If you click over to the official Tria site, you can look under “Can I Use It?” and select your skin tone and hair colors to see if their product would be a good match for you.

  32. avatarlourdee21 says

    I’m on my 4th month and using it once a month now. There’s already a pretty big difference. My husband loves it maybe more than I do LOL!! Thanks a lot Charlie and Ginny!

  33. avatarPorichines says

    Hello I Was Wondering If It Is Okay For Different Ages To Use The Tria? My Mom Wants One And I am A Teenager So Can We Both Use It?

    • avatar says

      I think the term they use is ‘ejecting’, but yeah, the laser confuses the follicles at a cellular level, which makes them spit those hairs out. Don’t worry about leaving a big hairy mess everywhere, though, it’s really not like that :)

  34. avatarrichie m says

    it was going to be this or the silk’n sensepil for me but your review convinced me. you were right about how it is easy to reach different spots on your body, i think the sensepil would have been a lot harder because of how it is made.

  35. avatarliv says

    i actually bought one of these on ebay and it was busted! thought i got deal but i wanted it so bad by that point that i saved up and bought it from the website. it works just like you said!

  36. avatarChampaigne says

    Hello and thank you for writing this. I saw it and wondered how easy it was, i thought it would be hard if it’s supposed to do this. I got one though and it really is very easy to use. It takes a while, though, like maybe 45 minutes PER LEG which is my only complaint. small price to pay for permenant hair removal though!

  37. avatarLatoya says

    I am black and I can’t do the laser treatments they have at the salon. They said I would get burned. Does the Tria do the same thing?

    • avatar says

      Unfortunately, at this point in time the technology isn’t ready for very dark skin, and the Tria is very much like the lasers they use at the salon. You can, however, check out the No No , which works for any skin type.

  38. avatarcavegirl says

    I am usually very very skepitcal of things like this that you see on tv… supposed to do like magic LOL! but i have used the tria and I LOVE it! it really gets rid of hair forever!

    • avatar says

      I like it better than the Silk’n because it’s easier to reach any spot on your body. The Silk’n does have a bigger laser (they call theirs a light) so it takes less time to use. Check out Ginny’s review here.

  39. avatarFran D says


    I purchased the Tria 4x for my “Special Needs” son who is a pre-teen, and a Type 1 Diabetic. When I called to activate the unit, I was advised by the customer service representative that I should probably return the unit. It is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, and would not work on male facial hair.

    Needless to say, I am SO DISAPPOINTED. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      Fran – first off, I’m really sorry to hear about all of this. I guess Tria are just trying to cover themselves legally. From the emails and comments I’ve received, it should work fine for male facial hair. I can point you to an excellent post about the conflicting information coming out of Tria which discusses whether the device is ok for facial use. You can read that post here but long story short – in the UK it’s fine and in the USA it isn’t. Same device so go figure! It’s just the FDA been overly strict. I know Charlie has used it on her face with success and without any issues plus my husband has his own Tria (he actually has the Tria 3.0 but in terms of use this is no different to 4x, just less powerful) which he has used on his neck and sideburns without any problems. When it comes to the age restrictions, like I said I think this is Tria’s way of making sure they are no overly exposed. Many similar beauty based products care a similar disclaimer. I guess it’s up to your discretion as a parent to decide. The Tria is certainly one of safest home laser hair removal machines (along with the Silk’n Sensepil) out there and I think it’s really up to you whether it will be suitable for your son. I hope this all helps. Let me know if you have any further questions or if I can help in any way.

  40. avatarbella y says

    HI I just had to post this… I saw the person who complained about having to shave first. Seriously? It’s not a big deal at all, because after you’re done, you’re done forever. I shaved before using the Tria, and now I NEVER shave, and will never have to again!!!

  41. avatardeannnnaaaaaaa says

    I would like to use something like this for my legs and arms but also my armpits. Does that work? The hair is kind of thick I guess and also I’m worried it will hurt.

    • avatar says

      The Tria has adjustable intensity levels, so you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself with it. And if your hair is thick, it just means the treatments will take a little bit longer to fully work, but you’ll ultimately have permanently hairless armpits if you use it!

  42. avatarShonna says

    I have had some professional laser hair removal before. The hairs that were affected by the treatment would fall out about a week later. Does this happen with the Tria?

    • avatar says

      Hi, Shonna! The Tria works with nearly identical technology, and it works in a nearly identical way. Yes, the affected hair will fall out by itself within a couple weeks. Some people gently remove the loose hair that is on its way out, but it’s important not to pluck hair that isn’t ready to come out; doing so will mean you have to continue doing the treatments for a longer period to get the “fully hairless forever” results you’re after.

  43. avatargurla says

    Hello I’m 17 I got the Tria after my mom wass done using it. It worked really great for her so I started using it. Been using Tria 2 months now and starting to see results I can’t wait until I never hav to shave my legs anymore!

  44. avatarPatrinia Petru says

    I have pretty sensitive skin and I was honestly pretty worried it wouldnt be as painless as you said it is. Actually i was thinking i’d end up trying it once and returning it haha! g But it is actually pretty good and doesn’t hurt, I use the 2nd setting usually sometimes the 3rd it really does not hurt!


  45. avatarGwen says

    I am a African American woman and am looking for an affordable hair removable system. I know that my brown skin will obsorb some of the lasers light, but will it be to the point that the system will be ineffective? I saw that the product was for fair to medium skin tones. That is too vague for me to completly understand. What does a medium skin tone look like?

    • avatar says

      Hi Gwen! The Tria actually does a skin test before it will actually work, and if your skin is dark enough that it will absorb too much light, it simply won’t function. I know it’s hard to judge with vague terms like “fair to medium”, but if you click on the link to go over to the Tria page, there’s a test where you choose your skin and hair colors, and it will tell you if it can treat you safely and effectively. If you find out you can’t use the Tria, I highly recommend the No No, which will work for any skin tone. Good luck!

  46. avatarjohn "the bod" duncan says

    I used it to make my balls and groin area really smooth. Great Results!!

    My girl really appreciates it as much as I do.

  47. avatarlelo says

    do you need to shave ahead of time before using it or just use the tria and never shave?
    because the other products asks you to do so before each treatment session and after the 6 months whats next through the device away?
    another thing dose it need cartridges or spare parts?

    • avatar says

      Hi Lelo! They do recommend giving yourself a quick shave before using the Tria for the best results, but ultimately you’ll never need to shave again because the results are PERMANENT! (So yeah, you can just throw it away, or use it on a different part of your body, or give it away, or sell it… my point is that when you’re done, you don’t need it anymore!)

      Unlike it’s main competitor, The Silk’n SensEpil, the Tria does not need replacement cartridges for its laser, so the price you pay at the beginning is all you’ll ever need to shell out. :)

  48. avatarAlliyah! says

    saw a friend using this recently… she told me what it was and i checked online… found your review and bought one… just wanted to say thank you!

  49. avatarOrange and lemons says

    Is this the same thing they use in professional salons where it costs thousands? Or somethign different?


  50. avatar says

    Hi I found out about this because I was looking for something like the No No but that lasts longer I had no idea they made something like this! I just started my treatments but I’m so excited it will last forever!

  51. avatar says

    I am looking for something to use on my face, a little bit on my upper lip and my eyebrows, but I read that you’re not supposed to with Tria? Is that right? Other things say you can so I’m confused…

    • avatar says

      Well, it’s not “officially” recommended for use on the face, but that seems to be an issue of the company being overly cautious. Countless people have used it on their faces, and it works without any problems

  52. avatar says

    OMG Thank You So Much For Posting This! I Looked Every Where For Many Years To Find Some Thing Like This That Really Works And This Is The First One For Me! It Is Almost Like Magic So Hard To Believe!

  53. avatar says

    I hear the battery life is only about 1/2 hour. Does it work when it is plugged in? Or do you have to wait until it recharges to continue?

    Also does it gives the specs of the laser in the manual (wavelength, power in watts etc).
    Thanks for your info!!

    • avatar says

      I hear the battery life is only about 1/2 hour. Does it work when it is plugged in? Or do you have to wait until it recharges to continue?

      Also does it gives the specs of the laser in the manual (wavelength, power in watts etc).
      Thanks for your info!!

  54. avatar says

    Hi. I Want To Use This For The Hair Under My Nose Like A Little Mustash Not Like A Man But Too Much! Will It Work And Also Is It Safe? Thank You Very Much!

  55. avatar says

    There’s not much to say than I am another satisfied customer. It took me 7 months to finish, no hair coming back. My husband has me doing it on his back now LOL, just started a month ago but already he’s less hairy LOL~

    • avatar says

      You might want to read the Silk’n SensEpil review on this site — They work in much the same way, but they have different features that will appeal to different users. I like the Tria because it’s cordless and handheld, which makes it easier to maneuver. On the flipside, this means it takes slightly longer per treatment.

  56. avatar says

    Here’s how it worked for me, I did 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 2 and a half months, and then once every 3 weeks for 1 month, then down to 1 time every month. I think I’m almost finished with the treatments beause now barely anything comes back.

    • avatar says

      It depends a lot on your skin tone and hair color, but clinical studies have shown up to 70% reduction in hair after just a couple treatments. Since it completely obliterates ALL the hair, including under the skin, you will ultimately be able to rid yourself of dark shadows with the Tria.

  57. avatar says

    I was actually prepared to send it back at first, well even before I got it I thought I would but it quickly became clear that it really works!  Took a couple months, and then just less and less hair all the time until nothing!!

  58. avatar says

    I finished my treatments in just 6 months… I didn’t have a lot of hair to begin with, it was relatively sparse but more than I wanted LOL. Anyway it’s been 3 months since I stopped and no sign of hair.

    • avatar says

      They use very similar technology, but the laser on the Tria is smaller, cordless, and handheld so it’s actually easier to use on areas like this which require a little bit more precision.


  59. avatar says

    I’m considering ordering one of these, but here’s my question: will it work over freckles or beauty marks?  Because I have a lot of them…

    • avatar says

      As long as your freckles/beauty marks aren’t too dark, you shouldn’t have any problem.  Don’t worry, though, the Tria comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and the initial skin test will tell you the first time you use it whether it will be effective.

  60. avatar says

    I’ve been using Tria for about 5 months now and most of the hair on my legs is gone. What comes back is much thinner and lighter than what used to be there. I am pretty sure it will all go away if I keep going, will keep you updated.

  61. avatar says

    I first heard about this on TV because of Kim Kardashian on Rachel Ray show but I thought it was bunk! honnestly! So when I read ur review i was really intrigged and I actually tried it.  Only in 3rd month but it is definitely working so far can’t wait to see what long term results are!

  62. avatar says

    As someone who has tried the Tria and Silk’n SensEpil I’ll say that I think the Tria is not very good. It takes a real long tine compared to Silkn SenSepil.

  63. avatar says

    i’ve struggled with body hair most of my life since i was ateenager… used to shave, wax, used an epilator a little bit… that one hurt a lot when i used but broke after a few times. all i can say is thank you to this website and to tria.

  64. avatar says

    I’m another woman who didn’t really believe the hype, but I just did it because of the money back guarantee. Call me surprised!  This is the real deal, finally, for women looking for real hair removal, permanently, at home.

    • avatar says

      Yes, you can use it on your face, even though it’s not “officially” recommended.  It should take you a matter of minutes to do each treatment, and in about 6-8 months or so, you should be hair free in this area for good.

  65. avatar says

    This is definitely the best solution for home hair removal. I think anybody who says this is the wave of the future is on to something. I don’t see why anybody would bother with expensive treatments after this.

  66. avatar says

    I wanted to post to say thank you and to share my experience. I shaved a few times a week for years, even tried other things but always came back to shaving because it was the least painful/inconvenient/expensive. I wish I had heard of this earlier because my legs have been baby smooth for MONTHS and it looks like they’ll stay that way!

  67. avatar says

    Hi, I’m a women in my 20s, I tried a bunch of things besides shaving. Waxing was ok but hurt, but I tried a cream and it made me brake out so bad! Tria actually works for the first time it’s amazing!

  68. avatar says

    Does this prevent hair growth or does it just burn away what is on your skin?  Because I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a laser just to shave.

  69. avatar says

    for anyone who is skeptical like i was just hang in there i promise it worked for me and i have A LOT of hair LOL more than average women im sure but after a couple months youll see for shure.

    • avatar says

      By weird, do you mean effective?  Then yes!

      It’s a little unusual, just because it’s very new technology, but other people have and are using it exactly as you’re planning on using it.


    • avatar says

      For my money, yes it is, but you may want to compare it to the Silk’n SensEpil(REFERRAL), which works on almost identical technology, but has a slightly different set of features.  Between the two, it’s largely a matter of personal preference.

  70. avatar says

    I HATED shaving OMG LOL! This takes longer, i mean just for each time but my hair is barely coming in now. It’s been 5 months so I think if i keep going another 2-3 months i won’t have any more hair!

  71. avatar says

    Hello Charlie, thanks for writing this review, I was considering the silk’n sensepil buit i ended up getting this instead at ur recommendation. It does everything lke you said. my advice for anyone is just to keep doing it because it doesn’t work like overnight but when it works you will know!!!

  72. avatar says

    Hi I was wondering how much it costs? I want to get laser treaments but I don’t have thousands of dollars… worried there will be extra money I don’t know…

    • avatar says

      The Tria doesn’t have any hidden costs, and it costs much, much less than actual laser treatments.  It’s around $400, but you can get one shipped to you for half that with the EZ-pay system.

  73. avatar says

    i actually did some of the expensive “professional” kind of treatments but my friend told me about this so i stopped with those, i couldn’t be happier! you save me sooo much money i can’t even believe it!!

  74. avatar says

    Hi Charlie, would it work on an East Indian skin tone? Dark compared to a Caucasian, but technically what can be termed as brown or wheatish? Does the skin type (oily/dry/etc.) matter at all?

    • avatar says

      In my experience whether your skin is oily or dry doesn’t make much difference. I have some issues with dry skin around my calfs and didn’t have any problems. When it comes to skin color, from what you’ve written it sounds like you should be OK.

    • avatar says

      One of the beautiful things about this is that you don’t have to go to the dermatologist or expensive salon, and you absolutely can do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home.  And it’s easy enough to do while you watch TV!

  75. avatar says

    i just started doing my tria treatments a couple weeks ago. im really looking forward to seeing more results so far just a little bit but i can already tell it working…

  76. avatar says

    This is exactly what I was looking for… shaved all the time for years, tried waxing a couple times but it wasn’t worth the suffering… looked into laser treatments at the clnic but they were waaay out of my range. this is everything i could have asked for!

  77. avatar says

    Thank you. I used to shave like most women but my hair always came back in faster thn most so i had either stubble or I just had to shave CONSTATLY. well Tria made a huge huge difference in my life so thank you again!

    • avatar says

      I would rank it as better.  It gives you permanent results and is just far, far less of a hassle.  Electrolysis involves putting a need into each individual hair follicle; the Tria is as easy as shaving.

  78. avatar says

    I was really looking for something to get rid of the hair of my upper lip which was always very embarassing… wanted electrolysis because i couldn’t afford laser treatments but somebody told me about this… I’m soooo glad I read your review before i paid for something else I feel like i look a lot more feminine now :) 

  79. avatar says

    This turned out to be perfect for me. Very very easy to use but you do need to shave first at least in the beginning. My hair was actually pretty thick for a women but now it’s about three quarters gone. Still have a little way to go but it’s only been almost 6 months so it looks like I’ll be good in a very short time… certainly by next bikini season LOL!

  80. avatar says

    Heres my experience- I was actually doing professional treatments of laser hair removal on my legs and my underams when I found out about the Tria. I asked at teh clinic about it and they said it wouldn’t work… I did ALOT of research online and I found this and other people who said it did really work… long story short, i paid less than one “real” laser treatment for it, and it actually did the trick!

    • avatar says

      Unfortunately, because of the way the laser targets the pigment, it’s not safe for darker skin tones.  I’m sure they’re working on a solution for this, but in the meantime you may want to look into the No No Hair Removal device, which is probably your best bet.

  81. avatar says

    I actually caught this flipping through the channels one day… Kim Kardashian on Rachel Ray… I don’t like eitehr of them LoL but the tria sounded really good. Gave it a shot. 6 months later and most but not all of my hair is gone and doesnt look like its coming back. I’m going to keep going…

  82. avatar says

    Hi, I’m a man and I bought this to use on my chest and neck mostly and I just wanted to chime in and say, yes yes yes, it does work. My hair is much thicker than most women (I hope!) and it took me a longer time, almost 9 months to get rid of it but in the end my persistance paid off! Thank you!

    • avatar says

      Like, on your scalp? I would imagine so, but make sure you REALLY want to be bald forever… most people try to avoid that!

      It’s not officially approved for use on the face, but many people do, effectively and without problems.


  83. avatar says

    I must be at teh lighter end of the hair spectrum LOL because it only took me about 5 or maybe 6 months to finish doing the Tria. It’s been about another 6months and what you say is true it really does not ever come back! Honestly I’ll be really surprised I have no strubble or anything

  84. avatar says

    The portability and compact size was really what sold me on this. I compared it to the Silkn SensEpil and this was just the better option. I live in a pretty small highrise apartment and I don’t have a ton of space, plus I travel a lot. This fit the bill perfectly. (I actually don’t even have it anymore because like you said the hair never comes back! No more use for it!)

  85. avatar says

    I typically use the Tria turned up to the third intensity and I agree it feels like a rubber band! But its not so bad and my sister got “real” laser treatments and she said that actually really hurts so I’d say this is really a lot better. I do legs and arms, takes me a few hours each time but it takes less each time I think, and I certainly need treatments less often… looking forward to being hairfree by next summer!!

  86. avatar says

    I want to say Thank You I’m Glad you wrote this I saw it ON Tv but thought it was bogus… I tried Other Things on TV that Didn’t WORK LOL!!! so you convinced me and I tried it and it took a couple Months Before i saw anything but Then Even My husband noticed LOL so Thanks Again!

  87. avatar says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking for exactly this honestly. I tried a Silk’n Sensepil before but i found it hard to use on certain areas because of the cord and the large laser. This is much better! It reaches everywhere  and IT WORKS!

  88. avatar says

    The main thing I don’t like is that you need to shave first or it seems to hurt more and not work as well. I mean I bought this so I wouldnt have to shave anymore! Worth it in the long run though definitely Id recommend it!

  89. avatar says

    I got this as a gift and honestly did not think it would work. It looks like a laser gun from an old science fiction movie like Star Track or something! Anywayz I ended up trying it just for fun and what do you know… after a few months I definitely had much less hair… I’d say it was all gone within 7 months and it hasn’t come back!

  90. avatar says

    I was trying to find a good, safe hair removal device and it seemed like most of the products on the market aren’t even FDA approved! some are FDA “cleared” but that’s not the same thing so that’s a big reason I chose this one. I’m happy with my decision, I’ve never hurt myself or anything (LOL) and I’m very happy with the results too! THANK YOU! 

  91. avatar says

    well my only compalint is the amont of time it takes to do… i pretty much watch a movie every time i do my treatment on the couch but i guess its worth it because eventually i wont have any hair coming back LOL! right now the hair on my legs is coming back in very thinny and lighter so this is off to the right track!

  92. avatar says

    My wife was talking about the Tria for a while, but was afraid to buy it because she thought it might be too difficult to operate (she's not *great* with technology LOL).  Well, I went ahead and bought it for her, and she loves it!  It's as easy to use as you describe, and she's really happy with the results so far.  It's only been a few months, so I'll post again when the final results are in. 

    • avatar says

      This is actually one of the reasons I prefer the Tria: the applicator is much smaller and therefore more able to reach those little spots.

      Keep in mind, it’s not officially recommended for facial use, though a lot of people do.  The company is likely just being overly cautious, as I haven’t read any reports of mishaps (and I’ve read A LOT of Tria reviews!)

  93. avatar says

    I heard about this from Women’s Wear Daily and thats actually even what made decide to try it out… I’m on month 4 now and I’d estimate that at least half of my hair from my legs is gone… maybe about 60% if I’d have to put a number on it. Started my underarms too but I have to use a lower setting at least for now.

    • avatar says

      This my (Charlie’s) personal choice for the best, though some people prefer the Silk’n SensEpil.  For people who can’t use laser hair removal treatments, the best option these days is probably the No No. Take a look at this review for more information.

  94. avatar says

      I bought the Tria last year, and I just wanted to post and say that is absolutely does work, my leg hair never came back.  Also, I actually used it while I was traveling because I'm on the go a lot for work… I love that it was small and lightweight enough to take with me on an airplane without having to pay for an extra suitcase! 

  95. avatar says

      There isn't too much I would change about the Tria, but I do kind of wish the battery lasted a little bit longer per charge.  I'm sure there's a trade off, though, because I picked this one over the Silk'n SensEpil because it was cordless so I figured it would be easier to reach everywhere on my body. 

    • avatar says

      I would recommend getting it from the official site, for two main reasons: 1.) You’ll be sure to get the full, real product 2.) You can be sure it’s covered by the money back guarantee.  And keep in mind that usually Tria offer free shipping in the US and Canada.

  96. avatar says

      I have been doing waxing for years… it took a long time to get "used to" but it was still hard… well maybe my skin is getting more sensitive as I get older but I couldn't take it anymore… I looked into professional treatments and thats actually how I found this… I LOVE IT!  I did my legs and bikini line and your right no sign of hair coming back!  

  97. avatar says

    Hi I have some tattoos and I was wondering if this would make using the Tria a problem? I read it doesn’t work on dark skin, my skin is light but my tattoos are dark… 

    • avatarGinny Mcknight says

      The laser does target dark pigments, so this is a valid concern. If your tattoos are very dark, it will probably not work. However, you do have the option of using the No No, which works on any skin color. Click here to read my review.

  98. avatar says

    Thanks Charlie and Ginny! I tried it out and like you said, it took about a month of sessions before I started noticing serious results, but it was all downhill from there! Finished my treatments a couple months ago and there is no sign of hair coming back!

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