The Truth Behind No No Hair Removal Complaints

It seems like every day we hear about some amazing new product that is supposed to solve one of life's most common problems with unprecedented ease.  Most of these devices, gizmos, supplements and plans simply don't live up to the hype, so we often struggle trying to decide whether to put down our hard earned cash on such things.  I've found that using the internet is a good way to measure overall consumer distaste for a product, and that's why I found reading No No Hair Removal complaints so helpful in making my decision to try and ultimately purchase one.


First, A Couple Basics

The No No Hair Removal is a phone-sized device that allows you to comfortably and easily remove your unwanted body hair.  It's about as easy as shaving, but lasts a much longer time.  If you want to know more about the how and why, be sure to check out my No No Hair Removal review that I wrote recently.  To put it very simply: THIS PRODUCT WORKS!

What most people just hearing about the No No don't realize, though, is that this is actually the second generation of devices called the No No.  The current model is called the No No 8800, while the older one is the No No classic.

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There are so many places on the internet where people are just utterly confused by this, since both units are referred to simply as "The No No".  It's unfortunately way too common to find reviews that don't mention which unit they're talking about, and many pages of reviews that simply mix both together.

If you're reading something full of No No Hair Removal bad reviews, specifically things like, "It doesn't work," you're probably reading about the older model.  THE NO NO CLASSIC WAS A FAILURE!  Users found that it only seemed to remove about half of their hair, which is honestly pretty lousy, but what I'd expect from a product making such wild claims.  Radiancy knew what they had to do to keep selling products, so they improved everything, and made the No No 8800 much more effective (about 80%).  THE NO NO 8800 WON "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR"  from "Product Review Awards USA® Annual Awards" very soon after being released.

Yes, You Can Use It On Your Face

One of the biggest NoNo Hair Removal complaints was that you can't use it on your face.  This is a prime example of the confusion caused by the names, because while the older No No Classic was not approved for use on the face, Radiancy now says that the No No 8800 is SAFE TO USE ON YOUR FACE!  I honestly think that the older model was probably just as safe, but Radiancy was being a little overly cautious in not recommending it for facial use.

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Be On The Lookout For Scammers

The enormous and growing popularity of the No No has led some shady characters to try to get in on the action.  You'll sometimes find people trying to pass off the older, inferior model as the newer one, although this even happens unintentionally due to lack of understanding.  Worse, there are very unscrupulous vendors out there that are actually offering FAKE NO NO HAIR REMOVAL KITS marketed as the real thing.  They may look similar, but these are absolutely not built with the same quality as the real thing.

A knock-off No No will leave you hairy and hurt, and your wallet lighter.

A machine that is built to look like a No No, but without the stringent standards of the real thing, is simply not going to work when it comes to getting rid of your hair.  This is sophisticated technology, very similar to what is used in professional salons and clinics, and needs to be applied properly.  Worse, fakes typically lack the features that make the No No safe and painless, so you're risking much more than a patchy hair-removal job.

This is easily the biggest No No Hair Removal scam going on these days, and the source of many unfounded No No negative reviews and reported problems with No No Hair Removal, but it's easy to avoid buying a fake if you just use the official website to get one.

It Won't Last Forever

I've read a number of NoNo complaints written by people angry that their hair came back.  Eventually.  I really feel this is a sort of non-complaint, because Radiancy never promised that it would remove hair forever, just for a very long time.  If you have realistic expectations going in, I can almost guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the results.


But This Will

If you've read the complaints, and don't believe me when I say they're not talking about the current model (because, hey, I'm just some person on the internet), just try it out for yourself, with the 60-DAY COMPLETELY FREE TRIAL!  There's no reason to pay for something that doesn't work, and this is a great opportunity to make sure it will, though I don't think this deal will last long.  You'll have to pay a third of the $370 total for the unit, plus shipping, but if you don't see results in the first 60-days, or you just don't like the thing, you can get absolutely all of your money back.

The official website is the only place to get this free trial, as well as the only place where you can be absolutely sure you're getting a real No No, and make sure it's the latest model.  Pretty much all of the No No Hair Removal complaints you'll find online are talking about fakes or the older model, but the trial offer means you don't have to take my word for it.  If you'd like more general information about the device, you can click here to read my own review.

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