• avatar says

      It’s recommended that you have between 1mm and 3mm of hair when you use the No No. That’s pretty short, but if you’ve just shaved or something, it will be more difficult for the heat of the No No to reach the root, which is its real target. Too much hair, though, and you have the opposite problem.

  1. avatarSosa says

    i got one as a gift kind of a long time ago… never used it… read this and realized it is the old classic model… does it even work? should i bother?


    • avatar says

      That’s a really good question! LOL! I actually don’t know any of the specifics on that, but I saw a documentary on Netflix that said most fake products are made in China…


  2. avatarLaura Ashley says

    so if they released a better version already does that mean i should just wait until they release an even better version?


    • avatar says

      LOL! Though I do expect them to eventually release a version with more updated technology, I think the current version, which is rapidly growing in popularity, is going to be around for a while! Why hold your breath?


    • avatar says

      It really depends on the area being treated. I spent less than 30 minutes doing my legs and underarms, but on smaller spots I have to be a little more careful, so around 20 minutes for my bikini line and maybe 15 or so for my face. I only need to do it around every 2 months or so!


  3. avatarSainle says

    I’ve been using the No No for about 6 months now and I LOVE it! I have the 8800 one which I didn’t even know about until just now. Great product, great results!  

  4. avatarviola says

    i so don’t understand.. why are ppl even still selling the old version if the new one is so good? its just confuzing is all!


    • avatar says

      I’d guess there are some stores are trying to get rid of old stock so they’re being less than upfront about it, and individuals who own old ones probably want to get rid of them and spend the money buying the new ones.


  5. avatarlyndsey brogdon says

    OK after reading this I went to the main site and tried to find the No NO 8800… but they don’t seem to mention it! Is there some special place I have to click or what???


  6. avatarSunny says

    I bought the No No Classic because I didn’t know any better. I agree with the people who said it works but not as good as a lot of reviews say it does. Going to try the 8800 when I have a little extra cash now.


  7. avatarMins1928 says

    I actually came here to post that it WAS a scam but your article tells me I don’t even know what I’m talking about. Sooo much confusion on the net about this thing OMG!!


  8. avatarHuerta says

    Hi Ginny thank you for posting this… you mentioned you got a 60 day trial can I still geth that? Sounds like a good way to test it ….

  9. avatarMary Hill says

    so this thing has a usb recharge? thats cool i can carry it with my laptop. im confused tho let me know.


  10. avatarbeini says

    I’ve been looking for something like this for so long, was worried it wasn’t legit… had no IDEA there were different models of the No NO but now that I’ve read your article i know exactly what i want and where to get it. Thank you!


  11. avatarLove says

    so it’s actually not a scam… huh… i guess i’m gonna try it… if it doesn’t work i can blame u! rotflmao!

  12. avatarmossie says

    hi okay so i know i want the no no 8800 right but my question is does the new one have a cord or is it still cordless?


  13. avatarPlinkee says

    I have a couple friends who own these, both different kinds and you’re right about the classic not being as good as the 8800, we just didn’t know which was which so i was worried about tyring to buy one… now i know! thanks ginny!


  14. avatarjonas says

    My wife has been asking for one of these for her birthday… I was actually CONVINCED it had to be some kind of scam so i searched around and found this… thank you for saving me some money LOL! I’m taking your advice!


  15. avatarchill says

    I have a No No 8800 and my mom has the No No Classic. I actually found this page trying to figure out why we both had different No No’s. Anyway is the old one dangerous? I don’t want mom getting hurt.


    • avatar says

      No, you misunderstand me, I had 60% hair reduction within the 60 day guarantee window. As I kept using it, I was able to remove pretty much all of it. I have incredibly slow regrowth of hair now, so I’m smooth for months!


  16. avatarSTACE's says

    LOL! I feel lucky now ‘cuz i got mine on ebay np it was the 8800 version but then my cuzzin bought one and it was just the no no classic and it sux lol!

  17. avatarmarty says

    hi i used the classic i guess… thought it wasnt as good a ppl have been saying about the no no but now i think i understand why… thanks for filling us in nobody else mentons the difference….

  18. avatarXandy says

    and here i thought i just got a defective unit! i have online friends who rave about the no no but their results were always better than mine… only just recently realized mine doesnt’ even LOOK the same as theirs… took me a while to figure out why untiul i found ur article!

    • avatar says

      It’s very similar to laser treatments, but it uses heat instead of light. Also, while laser hair treatments are permanent, No No heat treatments only last a couple months, and they’re A LOT more affordable!

    • avatar says

      LOL! No, really, it doesn’t hurt! The Thermicon Tip targets only the hair, which doesn’t have any nerve endings (so you won’t feel it). You’ll feel a gentle warmness on your skin, but nothing painful!

  19. avatarkelseyjane says

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion. A friend of mine actually has the classic and she’s happy with it but I’m defintely going to get the newer model! Heard so much good things about it alreayd!

    • avatar says

      Like I’ve said, your best bet is pretty much always going to be the official site. They’re often running some kind of promotion, so check back from time to time.

  20. avatarMarydith says

    I got the No No 8800 and I frickin love the thing… it lasts about 7 weeks each time I use it… Glad I bought it from the real site and not ebay or anything… never had any trouble….

  21. avatarBING! says

    Does it work on dark skin? I can’t use the Tria because my skin is too dark so someone recommended No No.

  22. avatargotclass says

    I got one to use on my face and was kind of pissed when it arrived and din’t even look like the pictures! Now I know it’s because I was looking at people using the 8800 and I bought the stupid classic… trying to find a good deal on real one now I guess I’ll probably buy from the No NO sight like you said…

  23. avatarandrea peters says

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion! I was wondering if maybe they had poor quality control or something ‘cause the reviews were so different! LOL! Now it makes a lot more sense… I’ll be getting the No No 8800!

  24. avatarengrate =) says

    Hi thanks for writing this… I got mine on Amazon Marketplace a while back and now I’m getting worried it’s a fake! How do I know? It seems to work OK…

    • avatar says

      If you’re already using it and it works, you’re probably safe. The fakes are often clearly of poor quality with little or no packaging, but unfortunately there’s no truly reliable way to know if it’s real unless you’ve bought it from a reputable source, like the official No No site.

  25. avatarrobinna geoff says

    Hi Ginny I wanted to post a comment about my experience… I’ve actually been using the No No “Classic” but didn’t realize it until a few minutes ago when I read this haha! Anyway, I guess you can say I’m satisfied but I always wondered why some reviews seem to say it was better than this, and now I know!

  26. avatarsuzanna says

    I’m pretty skeptical of things I see on TV but after reading this I think I’ll give it a shot… the guarantee helps LOL!

  27. avatarsheilamry says

    I found this cuz i was preetty sure it was a scam but now i think it was wrong! thanks im probably gunna try it now!

  28. avatarincugirl says

    my friend has been talking about buying one of these so i sent her this article. thanks for posting! i think you saved her some time and money and frustration!

  29. avatartria it is says

    OK I wanted to weight in because i’m probably one of the few people who have tried BOTH… the Classic model is pretty good, it DOES work, but the newer 8800 is really an improvement. It’s got a better shape so its easier to reach like my face and bikini line, and the Thermicon seems to be imrpvoed to get rid of hair better.

  30. avatarluzvi says

    You mention amazon getting the reviews mixed up, but you posted that a while back… do you think it’s still all mixed up? I usually get my gadgets and stuff from amazon ‘cus the prices are good…

    • avatar says

      It might be less of a jumbled mix now, but there is still a ton of confusion about the two products, so I wouldn’t bet on it. The official site always has the best deal, too, and you can be certain you’re getting the newest version.

  31. avataranyabebe says

    Hey just wanted to say thank you… I was on the fence about it since I read so many conflicting reviews, but this cleared a lot of things up for me! I followed your advice and a few months later, I’m soooo happy with my purchase!

    • avatar says

      They were responding to criticisms about its use, so definitely.  For one thing, it’s got a smaller thermicon tip which makes it easier to reach ALL the places you’d want to reach.  The 8800 definitely feels more comfortable in the hand, making it less awkward to operate.

  32. avatarmilge says

    I’ve been using the No No for a few months now, soooo much less hair than before. Just found out I have the 8800 one so I guess I got lucky because I didn’t even know when I bought mine.

  33. avatardeannnnaaaaaaa says

    I bought one from eBay and it was clearly used or maybe it was fake, I don’t know, but it even LOOKED bad! After reading this I’m a little scared to even try using it so I’m going to email the guy and see if there’s a way i can get my money back. should have read this FIRST LOL!

    • avatar says

      The product is relatively new, and gaining more and more in popularity over the last 5 years or so. Because of the way the No No targets hair, and avoids the skin, there are no long term effects to the skin, or even short term effects, for that matter!

  34. avatar says

    UGH! This is so stupid! I wish they just changed the name or something! I’m stuck with the “Classic” model… it’s not terrible but the 8800 sounds like ppl are a lot happier with it

    • avatar says

      Well, let’s be fair, it’s not really shaving. It lasts a LOT longer than a shave! And if you think about it, $270 is far, far less than you’d eventually spend on shaving cream and razors, even if you don’t shave often. So yes, I think it’s really worth it! 😀


  35. avatar says

    I actually have the “Classic” version, which I didn’t know until about I read this… it works OK but I think you’re right – a lot of the good reviews out there are proably about the new one!

  36. avatar says

    I wondered about this too. I have a different model than a friend got and now I know why. Thankfully I got mine on the No No site, she got hers on eBay. Guess whose works better 😉

  37. avatarGwendolyn says

    hi i just bought mine on ebay… supposed to be hear in a couple days… now i read this and i’m scared… is it even safe???


    • avatar says

      Unfortunately, since you bought it on eBay and I know nothing else, there’s no way for me to guarantee that you bought the real thing, so there’s no way for me to guarantee that it’s safe. Sorry :(


  38. avatar says

    I would have loved to read your review, but there is this pesky facebook/twitter/google+/stumbleupon ‘like’ bar, right in my field of vision. So I was not able to read your review, nor am I able to get rid of the bar.

  39. avatarDessumenihim says

    Hi there! I actually just figured out I have the “Classic” and I’ve been using it a fair amount of time and I’m actually happy with it! Do you think I should upgrade to the new one anyway?


  40. avatar says

    I wish I had read this before I bought mine… I got one from eBay recently and it turned out to be the classic… didn’t work as well as people were saying but now I know I bought the wrong damn one! You live you learn I guess…

  41. avatar says

    OMG thanks a lot for posting this! I was pretty confused because I saw different pictures on different sites and I was like WTF but now it makes more sense! I’ll definitely be getting the No No 8800!

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