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For people who are looking for hair removal methods, what could be more alluring than being able to use them in the comfort of your own home? Especially if you want to look and also feel your best, dealing with unwanted body hair is a thing that you must do. Particularly in the western world, feeling more attractive comes with having less unwanted body hair. And because not all people have the time to go to places where there are hair removal services, permanent hair removal at home is really sought after by some individuals.
Unwanted hair on your body can really have a big impact in your appearance. For example, facial hair is a big problem for women and removing chest hair or back hair is a necessity for most men. And whatever you reason for wanting to remove unwanted hair in your body, you will surely ask if home hair removal methods are really effective and work well. You may say that home methods are not as effective as methods done in a professional setting
There are only limited ways how an individual can remove unwanted hair permanently although there is much info about available methods and systems of hair removal. There is a big difference with removing hair follicles permanently compared to permanently slowing down hair growth over time. If you know the difference between the two methods, you will know what to expect with your chosen method and will not come to illusions that it did the job you think it did but in reality is not.

Different Methods and Approaches for Permanent Hair Removal at Home

There are lots of different ways to remove hair at the comfort of your own home, and here are your best bets in doing so.

This is a hair removal method that is well evaluated. This was originally used for removing stray hairs a hundred years ago and is also used for removing ingrown hair in the eyelashes. This method should be done by qualified electrologists for it can cause scabbing, infection, bleeding, and as well as scarring if done improperly.
If you decide to go with this method, you should first practice on a little part of your skin. Electrolysis makes use of electrical currents (hence the name) to destroy your hair follicles. It is a method that is ordinarily done by skilled experts. What they do is they insert a needle in your hair follicles and deliver electrical current there.
Oral Medications

This is an approach that works a lesser degree. It uses oral medications and sometimes topical ointments and preparations. These methods should be done constantly.
Though it may not provide you with a permanent solution in removing unwanted hair in your body, it can provide you with the reduction of hair growth by hindering the development of new hair. Most of these medicines works by lessening the amount of either testosterone or androgen hormones which causes hair to develop.
As of now, all medications aiming to reduce hair growth require you to have a prescription and is not available over the counter.
Topical Creams

Using externally applied creams to remove unwanted hair is a long term solution. These creams will slow the growth of new hair. These creams should be used with other kinds of supplementary hair control methods like plucking or shaving.
Topical Creams aimed for inhibiting hair growth like facial hairs are only available through prescription. These creams works by hindering a specific enzyme that is important in the cell reproduction and as well as other functions of the cells that are required for hair development.
Ointments like this will have to be applied twice per day and certainly have its limitations. Topical creams are usually just for women and will only work when targeting facial hair. And if the usage of the cream is stopped, then your hair will resume growing at its normal rate.

This is a new innovation aimed at removing unwanted hair in your body. It is a long-term solution for removing hair.
This system will work very well on any area on your body. If you have undesirable hair on your body and you want it to be removed, there are several thermicon systems that will help you get rid of unwanted hair all over your body.
This technology makes use of a special filament or sometimes a wire to remove unwanted hair very well by using heat transference. It is basically the same as laser removal. However, thermicon is a bit different because it is not selective, thus it can be used on any kind of hair and skin safely. This method has been developed and used for over 4 years for long lasting or permanent hair removal at home.

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