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“How Good Is No! No! Hair Removal At Removing Hair?”


**** So It Never Grows Back… ****


There is a lot of chatter surrounding No!No! Hair Removal at the moment and No No Hair Removal Reviews have been springing up everywhere. The facts look impressive – the No No Hair Removal 8800 model has now sold close to 2.5 million units and has received countless accolades including being voted “Product Of The Year” by over 60,000 American shoppers at the highly respected Product Of The Year USA ® Awards.

However, none of that really matters if No!No! fails to deliver on the promise it makes to its customers – quick, painless, easy to use and long term hair removal which works for EVERYONE (regardless of hair color or skin type).

I’m sure you’ve read a few other No No hair removal reviews before landing here. If you’re anything like me you have probably found these to be insubstantial and lacking detail. So allow me step up where others have fallen short.

I have been using the NoNo 8800 for over 14 months now and in this review I will explain as clearly as I can my experience with it. You can also read the comments of over 100+ other No No users at the end of this post.

The big question of course is…does No No Hair Removal really work? I’ll get to that shortly.

Right now though, you may want to take a brief look at this video which shows you how Radiancy’s new little device works:

(You can skip to 0.30 seconds into the video to get past the advertising and to see the No No in action)

For those of you who can’t bear to wait, let me put you out of my misery and briefly summarize just how well the No No has worked for me since I began using it back in April, 2014:

The truth is, No No Hair Removal is VERY EASY TO USE, and will give you great results, but it does require a bit of a time investment. However, if you are looking to have your extra unsightly hairs removed over time at a really reasonable price, and aren’t afraid to give up a few minutes of your day to treat yourself, then the No No Hair Remover is for you.

*** June 2015 Update ***

I’ve just heard that Radiancy, the people who make No! No! have just reopened their famous 60 day risk free trial. This is part of their Summer Promotion and is a very special offer as this opportunity has been closed for over 2 years and was last seen in the summer of 2012.

The downside is that this offer will only be open until the beginning of June. This is so that Radiancy can guarantee all orders are met before stocks run out so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to try the No! No! 100% RISK FREE for a full 60 days, you have until the evening of Monday 1st June 2015 11.59pm PST to place your order. Radiancy will be closing the offer at midnight PST so don’t dilly dally!

To Claim your 60 Day Risk Free Trial, all you need to do is to go to the official No! No! Hair Removal Website.

IMPORTANT – If the site fails to load it is because too many people are trying to register for the trial at the same time before the offer expires. If this happens, just be patience and try the link again.

“A Quick Overview” – The No No Hair Removal System and No No Hair Removal Reviews

The No No 8800 is the newest and highly improved model of the original NoNo Classic version. While the original Classic model lacked a little in performance and suffered from being the first of it’s kind, the 8800 model does not have any of the Classic’s flaws. The release of this new updated device marked a major step forward in home hair removal technology and currently, no other device really comes close to the power and precision which the NoNo 8800 has.

Unfortunately, people are still confusing the Classic and 8800 and thinking that they are the same thing! To read more about this problem and to learn about the difference between these two devices, check out my article No No Hair Removal – Setting The Record Straight.

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This Summer Special Offer Ends On:

Monday, 01 June 2015 11.59 pm PST

Just How Does NoNo Hair Removal Work?

The basic premise behind the NoNo is that over time, it will dramatically decrease the amount of hair on your body AND the time it takes for that hair to grow back.

The innovative shape of the device means that it can reach into every nook, cranny and “hard to reach” area of your body without being overly invasive. Nothing is off limits since you can use the No No everywhere – your legs, arms, chest, back, bikini line and even your the face.

The device looks like a razor, but doesn’t do any actual cutting. A thermodynamic wire within the device (that is protected by buffers so there is no harm to the skin) transmits heat to the roots of hair follicles wherever the device is placed. This gentle heat disrupts communication between the root of the hair follicle and the midsection known as the bulge, the spot that is known to stimulate hair growth, thereby rapidly decreasing the rate of growth of the hair.

To break it down – the No No gently heats up your unwanted hair. This heat is carried down through the hair to the hair follicle and the follicle is then destroyed. Simple simple!!

Check out this video to see Radiancy winning Best Product Of The Year at the Annual Product Of The Year USA ® Awards:

To use the NoNo, you just run it over the skin like you might do with a razor. But instead of cutting the hair off above the surface of the skin (which will simply mean the hair will grow back in 1 or 2 days), No No’s impressive Thermicon technology attacks the hair at its source.

This is the reason why over time, No No is able to achieve up to a 94% REDUCTION in hair growth on those areas where it is used! I myself, achieved roughly an 80% reduction within 7 weeks when I first treated my legs, arms and bikini line. The best part was that I only had to use the it 2 – 3 times a week for a total time of around 45 minutes each day.

In fact, I completely cleared my arms and legs by the 6th week and it was only my coarse bikini hair which proved a little more stubborn. However, after continuing with the treatment for a further 3 weeks, I was able to clear the rest of my bikini hair :) Putting on my swim suit never felt so good!

If you look closely at my treatment schedule, you’ll see that I achieved significant hair removal results in less than 60 days. Since I got my NoNo 8800 early on (when Radiancy were running their introductory 60 free trial offer), this gave me the peace of mind I needed to keep on going with the NoNo rather than returning it. I’m not sure when this 60 free trial offer will return but if it ever does, grab it with both hands.

Since results come quickly, you’ll know if the device is working well within the 60 day cut off. In the unlikely event you don’t get results like mine, you can always return the device, no questions asked for a full refund. Radiancy even pay the return postage!

Let me briefly summarize the No No Pros & Cons for you:


  • The device is small and compact, it can easily go anywhere with you.
  • It is super easy & quick to use and does not require any more skill than it does to use your everyday razor.
  • It is completely painless.
  • It is 100% safe to use and there is no risk of damaging your hair or skin.
  • Results last for months and months!
  • Touch up treatments only take a matter of minutes.


  • Results are not immediate, does require a small investment of time.
  • In the beginning stages of using the device, coarse hair will still be left over, though this can be taken care of with a razor and does not last long.

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For 7 Days Only

This Summer Special Offer Ends On:

Monday, 01 June 2015 11.59 pm PST

What About Those Negative No No Hair Removal Reviews?

Aside from the confusion I have already mentioned between the Classic model and the No No 8800 (hint – I used the 8800!), the biggest issue expressed in many No No Hair Removal complaints is that the device simply didn’t give them the results they were hoping for.

In the past, a few people have written to me complaining about this problem. After pressing them a little further, it turns out that on every occasion they simply hadn’t stuck to the recommended treatment schedule of 2-3 treatments per week or had failed to follow the simply usage instructions!

It is clearly stated on Radiancy’s own website and in the instruction manual that the No No Hair Removal System does not work instantly. It is not a magic wand and in order for the specially heated wire to cut off contact between the hair follicle and the cells that accumulate at the base causing growth, the device needs anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks of regular use.

If you’re not willing to devote JUST 15 – 30 MINUTES PER DAY to using the device, then don’t expect to wake up one morning to find all your unwanted hair gone. This hair removal kit is a powerful, powerful system and WILL give you great results. But you need to put in a bit a work to get the reward. So when people ask me “No No Hair Removal Does it Work?”, my answer is always “yes”. The NoNo works perfectly, but it is up to you exactly how well it works and how good your results are. If you invest a little time and following a regular treatment schedule, you’re going to be very happy with the results.

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72 48 24 Hours To Go...

This Summer Special Offer Ends On:

Monday, 01 June 2015 11.59 pm PST

What Other NoNo Hair Removal Reviews Say About the Product

If you’ve like to hear what other people have to say about the No No 8800, take a look at some of the 100+ comments at the bottom of this page. I would also recommend you take a look at some of the other more detailed No No Hair Removal Reviews out there written by folks who have actually used the device.

It’s not just regular guys and gals who give the 8800 model the thumb up though. Professional beauticians as well as dermatologists have all agreed that this is highly effective home hair removal product which is unrivaled by any other system currently out there. There are plenty of testimonials from doctors and dermatologists on the Official No No website endorsing the power and effectiveness of this little hair removal machine.

How Does It Compare To Waxing, Shaving & Laser Hair Removal?

The advantage over waxing and shaving hardly have to be mentioned. I will touch on one thing though – with shaving, coarse hairs can sometimes be left over because of the contact between skin and blade is often uneven. I’m sure you’ve fretted over this before! With the No No 8800 however, you will find that the device will leave your skin feeling PERFECTLY SMOOTH with none of that unattractive stubble. I generally use a touch of moisturizer after treating my legs but that isn’t necessary. I just like my legs to shine!

As far as its advantages over laser hair removal go, that is also no brainer. Although many people swear by lasers and I have also had successful treatments in the past, laser hair removal can be painful, inconvenient to schedule and unlike NoNo Hair Removal, isn’t available for all skin colors and hair types.

And then there is the cost…

Whereas Laser surgery costs thousands upon thousands of dollars, the No No 8800 is currently priced at $270 (plus $14.95 shipping and handling) and if you like, you can also break your purchase up into 3x easy payments. Better yet, if you purchase directly from the official No No site you can take advantage of the 60 Day RISK FREE Trial Radiancy are currently offering.

This is a limited time offer which Radiancy are running as part of their Summer Promo. You can claim your free trial up until the end of Monday, 01 June 2015 11.59pm PST. After this, the offer will be pulled and is very unlikely to return again for a good while. The last time Radiancy ran this free trial was over 18 months ago make sure you grab the opportunity while you can.

To take advantage of this great Summer gift you just need to go to the Official No! No! Hair Removal website by clicking here.


The No No 8800 and You

I hope this No No Hair Removal review has been helpful for you. Again, don’t forget to have a read of the comments below to hear how other people have found the 8800 model. There is also some great questions which people have asked and I have done my best to answer.

Let me close but by reminding you of the most important thing you need to know about this device. It will give you great results as you are willing to work with it. If you cannot devote 15 to 30 minutes per day 2 to 3 times per week towards looking great, then you are not ready for the No No Hair Removal System. However if you have the time and are committed to having those unsightly extra hairs removed, if you are interested in a lifetime of SMOOTH, HAIRLESS SKIN and are prepared to put a little work in, then the No No is the machine for you.

With the 60 Day Risk Free Trial Radiancy are currently running, if you are not satisfied you can simply get a full refund no questions asked. This should make giving the No No a go a “no brainer” since you really don’t have anything to lose. Pick one up for yourself today and see why so many other No No Hair Removal Reviews are raving about it.

> > Click Here To Try The No No For 60 Days RISK FREE < <

24 Hours To Go...

This Summer Special Offer Ends On:

Monday, 01 June 2015 11.59 pm PST

[review name=”no no hair removal 8800″ description=”No No Hair Removal 8800 – Voted Product Of Year by over 60,000 American shoppers at the prestigious Product Of The Year USA ® Annual Awards” url=”” price=”270.00″ currency=”USD” rating_0=”Performance,5″ rating_1=”Easy of Use,5″ rating_2=”Pain Free,4″ rating_3=”Durability,5″ rating_4=”Value For Money,4″ ]

Post # 98: “How the No No Hair Removal Reviews Actually Stack Up”

Ginny Mcknight


  1. avatarmarjorievalencia says

    I always shaved, never liked anything else like waxing (painful) or depilatory creams (painful) or anything like that so I was actually pretty surprised that this delivers on what it promises. No hair for a long time, easy to use, and doesn’t hurt. For real 😉  

  2. avatarSydney says

    For all of those who are saying it doesn’t work, two things- 1.) you need to make sure you have the newer 8800 model and not the No No Classic, which came out before. the Classic doesn’t get rid of all the hair. 2.) you have to keep doing it for at least a couple months before you start seeing good results and then it only gets better. Just my two cents :)  

  3. avatarandy says

    I wanted to post to say I’ve tried both of the No No hair removers, the “Classic” and the “8800”. The Classic model which came first was not a very good product because it didn’t do what it was supposed to. It didn’t really work for me. I wouldn’t have given it another chance but somebody I know has the newer one, I noticed it was different and she said it worked very well. I have been using the 8800 model now for a few months and the difference is like night and day. Great product, the new model lives up to the hype :)  

  4. avatarIlana says

    I've been using the braun silk'epil epilator since 2008, 3x a week for 30-45 mins each day & braun claim their epilator is the next best thing to lazer & electrolysis.

     I havent seen anyone mention epilators in comparism to no no in detail.

    ok, epilators are painful & bloody noisy & tend to leave skin red/blotchy in some areas, but would i notice a difference in hair re-growth if i switch to no-no using it also 3x a week for 30-45min sessions? 


    I read over a hundred of the reviews here & i'm confused a bit about this "it's not permanent" thing but at the same time u & others are claiming 70-80% reduction in hair growth….is that not permanent then? Can u please clarify what exactly is/isnt permanent with no-no?

    • avatar says

      I’ll be blunt: epilators are garbage. Yeah, they’re painful and noisy and leave your skin looking bad. If you’re willing to put in that much time with a No No (PAINLESS time, I might add), you’re going to see a big difference in the amount of hair you have to deal with. At first, 3x a week is a good idea, and then you’ll find less and less hair coming back, and you’ll find it takes much longer. Once you’ve been doing treatments a while, you can expect to only need to use it every month or two.

      As far as permanency, the hair will eventually all come back if you stop using it. But, in the meantime, the Thermicon tip will disrupt the hair cells so much that the hairs take a really, really long time to grow back. The process does take some time to get started, though, so at first you’ll only see some hair is affected, with more and more hair removed as you progress.

  5. avatartammy says

    I thought No No was a permanent home laser hair thing like Tria or SensEpil, but it turns out it’s actually a heat-based treatment. It lasts a long time but it’s not permanent.


  6. avatarElle says

    I’m 17 and I’ve had mine about a year or so and it’s really great. I love it :) And it’s also probably easier than shaving…. my little sister just started shaving her legs recently but I’ve been letting her use the NoNo and she likes that even better so I’m going to get her one for her birthday.


  7. avatarcristina says

    I have pretty minimal experience with anything but shaving, but from what I’ve seen this is probably the best method for a lot of people. I like the lasers because there permanent but it doesnt work for everyone like me so this is the next best thing


  8. avatarAdelle says

    I really couldn’t be happier. I think this is going to replace shaving for A LOT of people :) 😀  

  9. avatarnono scam says

    scam scam scam scam!!! stay away!! wasted my money shoulda gotten a refund but waited too long!!


    • avatarkrishia says

      when did you get yours? the old no nos werent very good i thought it was a scam too i had one but my cousin has one of the newer ones and it worked on her so i started using one too.


  10. avatardorothy says

    Having used other products making the same kind of claims I was very skeptical but I read a number of articles (like this one) before I made up my mind to try…. for anyone still on the fence, this is the REAL deal for once! LOL we’re living in the future!!!

  11. avatarWhitted1992 says

    hi there i wanted to post my experience with nono- i received it as a gift and was a little hesitant to use it because i barely do technology or anything lol just my ipad but its actually really very easy to use no problems and it really does work but give it some time first!


    • avatar says

      Hi, Tanya. Yes, unfortunately one of the downsides of the No No is there is some burning hair smell. It’s not too bad, and easy to cover up by burning a candle and/or opening up a window. I’ve even used it outside! I like to think of it like this- the mild burning hair smell is an indicator that it’s working! To me it smells like long term hair removal! LOL :)

  12. avatarTami says

    I just got my NoNo and read all the directions. I tried it on my upper lip and was careful not to touch my lips.  The results were really good for the first time use, however I noticed as the night went on, my lips were very red…like wearing dark pink lipstick.  I will be more careful nest time, but is there any permenant harm to my lips?

    • avatar says

      Hi Tami. No, there shouldn’t be any permanent harm to your lips, but if you’d like to minimize that effect in the future, I know that some people will cover their lips with surgical tape, or even masking tape in a pinch, to keep the heat from reaching lips full force.

  13. avatarpamela c says

    Hey I wanted to say thanks for writing this. I’ve been looking for something that would work for me ever since learning about the Silk’n SensEpil and then finding out it won’t even work for me because of my skin tone! Using No No Hair Remover now and it’s great!


  14. avatarVioneet says

    I think maybe I got the old one. It works a little but not really. There’s less hair but I still have to shave so it’s kinda pointless :-/


  15. avatarColleen says

    got this a little less than a year ago, love it, just bought ones for my mom and sister! thanks for posting this!


  16. avatarpauline says

    so if the 8800 is a big improvement on the Classic should i just wait for the next one which will be a big improvement on the 8800?


  17. avatarAlicia says

    I slip this into my bag when I go onto trips in place of the razor and shaving cream I used to carry around. The funny thing is that because the results last so long, I rarely even have to use it, even if I take a vacation for a few weeks!


  18. avatarMichaela says

    I read through a lot of questions that were asked, but I'm still trying to figure out if you can still shave and use nono. If not how come? 

    • avatar says

      They actually recommend having between 1mm – 3mm of hair on your skin. If you’re going to shave, do it afterwards. The reason is that the heat does its magic on the root of the hair, and it needs some hair follicle to travel down and make that happen- if you shave first, it makes it difficult for the heat to get down there, and the treatments will ultimately take longer.

    • avatar says

      The main thing it has in common with electrolysis is that it gets rid of hair! It’s actually much, much more convenient (it’s like shaving, vs the needle-into-every hair approach of electrolysis), cheaper, and you can do it at home!


  19. avatarbennett says

    Hi. I have been looking for something like this for my mother, who is disabled. Shaving has become too difficult for her, as well as slightly dangerous. Are there any risks from using the No No that may arise from less-than-optimal manual dexterity? For example, if she were to keep the No No on the same spot for too long, could it burn her? Thanks in advance.


    • avatar says

      Thanks for the question, and nice job looking out for your mom like that! As for your concerns, I think these are actually the kinds of questions they were asking during development of the product, and to that end they designed it to make it as safe as it could possibly be. There are plenty of built-in safeguards to keep any users safe and to keep it easy to use. The No No might be a perfect fit for your mother!


    • avatar says

      Hmmm… it probably is! There are no harsh, drying, abrasive chemicals involved, nothing is being ripped out of your skin, and there’s no risk of cutting yourself, either. And because the No No targets the hair, the skin is basically untouched! That’s just one of the reasons I recommend it for people with sensitive skin (as well as everyone else)!


  20. avatarjessica84 says

    i don’t really agree it works on all hair types mine is kind of thick i guess i saw some difference but not so good


    • avatarHiseed says

      Jessica, I used it and so did my husband, whose hair is much thicker than mine. It will work with thicker hair, but it will take more time to see really good results.


    • avatar says

      Actually, the exact opposite happens with the No No – as you continue to use it, LESS hair comes back, and it comes in THINNER! (BTW- it’s actually a myth that hair comes in thicker after shaving.)


    • avatar says

      Hi, Kari. That’s actually a pretty tough question to answer over the internet. While I’ve heard of lots of teenagers and even kids as young as ten using the No No, I really feel like it’s a matter of personal and parental preference. The No No is NOT a dangerous product, though kids tend to be more sensitive than adults, so what is painless to us is not necessarily painless to them. You could try it and see how she feels about it, and how you feel about it, and though I think I think it should be fine I don’t feel entirely comfortable giving you a simple yes or no answer. Good luck! (And even if you opt not to use it now, it’s always an option for the future!)

  21. avatarAavoos3va says

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong… been using for months… i STILL have to shave…. so stupid… i mean there’s less hair but there’s still so much to shave!


    • avatarCecelia says

      did you get the No No Classic or 8800? a lot of people had bad luck with the Classic but the 8800 Model is a big improvement and gets rid of a lot more hair.


  22. avatarmartha says

    OK, I have a bone to pick… how come nobody told me about this when it came out? haha I was still waxing up until about 4 months ago when I found this…. seriously changed my life! sooo much better than waxing I can’t believe it!  

  23. avatar says

    Thank you for this great post. it was very helpful. I started to think that No! No! Pro is a great product to buy. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the tips.

  24. avatarbrooke McCants says

    Hello! This sounds like a great product! One worry is that will my hair grow back thicker and coarser? Assuming, I stop using the product will I be safe from (man) hair? That is why I wax my upper lip hair, to prevent thicker and coarser hair from that area.

    • avatar says

      No, Brooke, that’s just *another* advantage the No No has over shaving – it absolutely does not make your hair come back in thicker. If you quit using it forever, your hair would eventually come back in like it was before, but it would take months and months, and probably some more months on top of that :)

  25. avatarbrooke mccants says

    Hi! So far the product seems fantastic! One worry, if I use this will my hair grow back thicker and coarser like a man? Or will it become less coarse and thick? Assuming I stop using the product for some reason will there be consequences?

  26. avatarcranberry says

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong… been using for months… i STILL have to shave…. so stupid… i mean there’s less hair but there’s still so much to shave!


    • avatarlamfy says

      the same thing happened to me at first but i figured out it was because i wasn’t using it enough. once i started really getting serious about it i noticed a big big difference. just hang in there!



  27. avatarSue says

    Other reviews refer to a product called Trio? What are the differences with that one. Is it  working on light ofr heat? Does it work for everyone as well. Is it quicker? My husband is bothered by the hair on his back?

    • avatar says

      The No No isn’t actually a laser, but it does work on very similar principles, though with heat instead of light. The downside is that unlike the professional lasers, the results aren’t totally permanent. The upside is the No No is waaaay cheaper, more convenient, and it works for ALL skin types and hair colors.


  28. avatarhikki says

    Does the No No leave stubble behind? I am Mexican and have pretty thick, dark hair on my legs and you can even see stubble under the skin when I shave! Looking for a solution…  

    • avatar says

      When you first get started with the No No, yes, it will probably leave some stubble. Remember, though, that the No No works by sending heat down into those hair follicles, confusing them and making them unable to grow back, so after some use, you should have smooth, stubble-free skin!


    • avatar says

      If you already have ingrown hairs the No No will not do anything to help them go away any quicker, however one of the reasons it’s a great alternative to shaving is that it absolutely will not CAUSE ingrown hairs! So in that sense, yes, it will help get rid of ingrown hairs by ensuring you never have to shave again! :)


    • avatarlizbeth says

      Christina I tried to get one on eBay too but when I was looking most people only seemed to be selling the no no classic which isn’t supposed to be that good. I guess there are supposed to be fakes too. I ended up just ordering the No No 8800 from the official site and it works great.


    • avatarhottie says

      u have to keep doing it for a while before it really starts to work. i thought it was bunk at first too.


  29. avatarBefull says

    I think I was able to do like half of my leg hair with this… but that’s it! Not really worth the money IMHO.


    • avatarserenna says

      Do you have the Classic or the 8800 one? My sister used the Classic before and it didn’t really work but I have the new one and it’s a lot better.


  30. avatarHolly J. says

    i am 17 and always used to get breakouts and bumps and stuff from shaving so this is really perfect for me. had a friend tell me about it on facebook and i thought she was making it up but my mom ordered me one and im really happy its awesome!


  31. avatarMarybeth Larson says

    Where has this been all my life? LOL! I originally used it just on my legs to see if it worked and now I’m also using it on my arms, underarms and also my bikini area. Works like a charm and really doesn’t hurt, I like my showers hotter than this!


    • avatar says

      Well, when people get itchy from shaving it’s largely because of ingrown hairs and shaving creams that dry the skin. Because the No No doesn’t cause ingrown hairs the way shaving does, and doesn’t require any kind of cream that may dry the skin, it’s a better bet for someone who gets itchy skin.


  32. avatarMui says

    is teh small areas kit necessary if im going to do small areas? above my lip, bikini line, places like that?


    • avatar says

      No, it’s not absolutely necessary. I actually did these areas myself without the Small Areas kit for a long time, though I eventually gave in and bought it just for convenience sake (and believe me, it’s VERY convenient) :)


  33. avatarGabriel says

    I bought this as an alternative to Tria since that doesn’t work on my skin. Disapointed with my results tho :(


    • avatararmie says

      i couldn’t use tria either but no no works on me. you have to make sure you have one of the newer ones though because the old ones didn’t really work very well.


  34. avatarrower1961 says

    Is it just for women or can a man also use it on his face? I’d guess that my hair is ALOT thicker than womans.


    • avatar says

      Yes, the No No will work on your face! Keep in mind that it make take you slightly longer for you to see the results you’re after because of the thickness and coarseness of your hair, but within a matter of months you should a nice, smooth face with very little maintenance :)


  35. avatarAngie T says

    Are there any other facial prodcuts like this that will work on the face? like i mean a cheaper one really…


    • avatar says

      The No No is actually the ONLY product of its kind that’s FDA-approved for use on the face. Not even the popular Tria or Silk’n SensEpil hair removers carry this distinction.


  36. avatarMaisha says

    Where the hell do all these happy customers come from? I bought one for me, one for sister, neither works >:-(


  37. avatarKittty says

    At first I was a little worried because it seemed to just get rid of a little bit of hair but after a couple months I could tell it was really working because much less hair was coming back. Its basically gone now for the most part just a touch up maybe every 9-10 weeks or so, really cool :)

    • avatar says

      LOL no! It took more than 60 THOUSAND votes from actual consumers for them to get that award! In my book, actual consumer reviews, positive, are the best ways to judge a product you haven’t yet tried, and it’s hard to argue with 60,000 happy users!


    • avatarlea says

      are you sure you have the new 8800 model and not the “classic”? everyone i know who tried it says it works but u have to make sure it’s not the bad one that’s all.


  38. avataralethea says

    I didn’t have very good results but I was able to get a refund so I guess that’s cool, good luck to everyone else


  39. avatarTerry N. says

    i found a pretty good deal on ebay but i don’t know does it come with the guarantee if i get it there or just only the website?


    • avatar says

      Unfortunately, the website is the only place to get the 60-day guarantee. On top of that, you have to be extremely careful buying the No No from sites like eBay and Amazon Marketplace, because there have been reports of fake or broken No No Hair Removal devices being sold. When in doubt, use the official website!


  40. avatarkristi says

    well ive actually seen other people get good results with this but i just didn’t :( couldn’t get enough hair to go away


    • avatarhonney says

      Kristi, I had the same problem. It worked a lot faster for my friends I guess because of their hair types or something but I just kept at it and eventually I did get pretty good results.


  41. avatarCochran says

    good: it takes a while for a lot of the hair to come back. bad: it leaves enough hair growing at regular pace that i still shave. not too satisfied :-(


    • avatarneow says

      do you know which No No you have? i was reading that the classic No No leaves a lot of hair but the newer 8800 gets rid of it. been doing a lot of reading on it and it sounds good but not if you have the same.


    • avatarethel says

      ram, when/where did you get it? i asked my husband for one and he got me one but it turned out to be the original model (he said he found a deal and didn’t know there was a difference). we weren’t able to get a refund since he didn’t use the regular site but he did get me the newer one and it works fine. the old model isn’t any good.


  42. avatarsonny with a hairy says

    OK so I just figured out that I have the old model… is it true this one isn’t okay for the face? i know you don’t like it but i’m actually pretty happy with te results!  

    • avatar says

      Glad it’s working out for you! The Classic did get some mixed reviews but if it's performing well for you then great :)

      As far as the no-use-on-face warning, there’s a strong consensus on the internet that this was largely due to the company being overly cautious, so it’s probably safe to use on your face.

  43. avatarShamillaB says

    I just started using it and I really feel like it takes a long time but if I understand right this is only temporary? Like later it won’t be so bad?  

    • avatar says

      Exactly! As you continue to use it, less and less hair will come back, and it will take longer and longer for that to happen. For example, I’m down to about a 10 minute session every couple months.


  44. avatarhelgga says

    it DOES work to an extent, as in it takes away a bunch of hair. BUT most people won’t be happy with how MUCH hair is gone, which is not enough i think.


    • avatarjaymee says

      how long did you use it for? i was pretty upset with it for a while but it eventually worked. it took like 6 months for me.


  45. avatarlinda45 says

    it’s actually kind of tedious to use so i just want back to shaving… too hard to tell if you already did it and do the same skin over and over


    • avatardorie says

      you are supposed to have a little bit of hair when you do it, then you can see where it singed off the hairs. i never have a problem.


  46. avatarMarnie says

    Hi. I’ve been shaving, waxing, epilating and using different hair-removal creams for YEARS! This has got to be the best solution for ANYBODY trying to get rid of ANY body hair, though! It’s easy, it’s not messy, it DOESN’T HURT, and lasts a really long time!

  47. avatarsheemone says

    i was worried it would be really hard to do but its pretty much as easy as shaving just like you said LOL thanks a lot!

    • avatar says

      Hi Debbie. The two products are similar in a number of ways, but one of the big differences is that the No No Hair Removal uses heat, while the Flash and Go uses light. Each has its good points and bad points (The No No is not permanent, the Flash and Go is; the Flash and Go doesn’t work for everybody, the No No does), so if you’re trying to choose between the two I’d recommend reading this Silk’n Flash and Go review here.


  48. avatarspringsummer says

    it’s more comfortable than waxing definitely but it just doesn’t work nearly as well!! i’m willing to suffer a little for much better results


    • avatarlucy says

      springsummer do you know which no no you got? i went back to waxing after trying the first no no that came out but the ones they make now do a much better job getting your legs smooth.


  49. avatarSHO' says

    do i need to use the buffer every time? i ask because i like the portability of the no no but that seems like an extra thing to carry around with me…

    • avatar says

      You don’t NEED to use it, but it is very helpful in getting rid of the tiny bits of burnt hair left behind after a treatment. You can also rub it off with your hand or a towel, though.

  50. avatarJudey says

    I have pretty thick hair so it took a few months before I started seeing what I would call real progress, but once it started it’s like it just took off from there :) I’m doing touch ups about every month or so but it seems like the results are still getting better, so I’m hoping to use it even less as time goes on.


    • avatar says

      LOL! Actually, one of the biggest complaints about the No No is that it DOESN’T permanently destroy hair. What it does is basically confuse the cells of the hair follicle so that the hair doesn’t grow back nearly as fast. If you’ve been using it regularly, you’ll end up only needing to do treatments every couple months or so due to your “confused” hairs.

  51. avatarfanny s says

    Was considering electrolysis for the hair above my lip when I found out about this online. Thanks so much for taking the time to posting this!

  52. avatarRhodessa says

    i eventually got good results but it took a lot longer than you said….. i was still shaving for like a year so idunno YMMV


    • avatarvina says

      dana i thought the same thing because it takes up a lot more time than shaving at first but eventually its worth it because it doesnt take much time cause you dont have much hair. the smell gets lesser too because you have less hair too. i burn candles too.


    • avatar says

      The effects of the No No are cumulative, so if you miss a treatment, it just means it will take slightly longer to see the ultimate results you’re after. If you don’t use it for a long time, your hair will eventually come back like before, but if you just miss a treatment or two you’ll be fine :)

  53. avatarldgoodwin says

    Hey I just wanted to post my experience. I tried the No No about 6 months ago… like everyone says you have to keep doing it a while at first kind ofa lot… but after a while your hair only comes in a little its crazy its so cool!

  54. avatarDalene says

    It is easy to use I’ll give it that but it doesn’t really get rid of a lot of hair… not ENOUGH anyway, you won’t stop shaving anytime soon.


  55. avatarluissa m says

    How do I make sure I get the new 8800 and not the old classic one? The website just says no no but not classic or 8800 or anything.

    • avatar says

      The easiest way to make sure you get the most up to date model is to buy it from the website. I agree that they should list the model number, though! It’s confusing even to me!

  56. avatarelvie says

    My only complaint is the burning hair smell which is one of teh most unpleasant odors to me LOL! My tip is to burn a candle and open teh windows LOL!

  57. avatarMusibiguld says

    I got one of these as a gift. I’m trying to figure out now if I can still return it because my results are pretty lame :(


    • avatarkopi says

      Is It The No No Classic? Somebody gave me one of them too and then I found out it was a hand me down because they bought the No No 8800 which actually works :-/


  58. avatarstarry night says

    I just started about 3 months ago but my hair is already barely coming in. It’s even lighter in color and not very much comes in, also comes very slow thanks

    • avatarkrim says

      beckyboo it’s not like the laser things they have. i can’t use those because i have light hair too but no no works for me. it takes a while to work and i guess if you have the older model it isn’t that good.


  59. avatarxoxomuwahuggzz says

    I got this last week and I noticed it’s still leaving hair on me…. like especially the thicker hairs seem to kind of linger… am I doing it wrong or will they go away or does it just not work?

    • avatar says

      This is actually relatively common at first, in particular for people with thicker hair. Just keep doing the treatments, though, and in no time you’ll have much, much better results!

  60. avatarSol says

    I really wantedd to do laser hair removal but when I tried they said i couldnt because of my skin tone! Oh well then I found out about this and its soooo much cheaper and it works on my skin/hair! GREAT!

    • avatar says

      The No No actually works a little differently from the Tria, and you can’t adjust the intensity on this unit. Don’t worry, though- the heat generated by the No No is definitely mild enough for anybody to tolerate, and it’s designed to deliver that heat to your hair follicles, not your skin!

  61. avatarMary and Shirly says

    My sister and I got these things for Chrstimas from mom. She has been using it for a while and it really works so I can’t wait until it really starts going for us!

  62. avatarSHAUNICE says

    Hi I’m planning on getting one of these… I mainly want to use it on my legs but I’m interested in using it on other parts maybe…. my question is is it hard to reach all areas? Like bikini line, etc? I looked at Silk’n SensEpil before but it seemed to bulky for that….

    • avatar says

      The No No is cordless, handheld, and has a reasonably small Thermicon tip, so it’s certainly easier to reach all areas than the Silk’n SensEpil. If you find it’s still difficult, however, they also offer a No No Hair Removal Kit for Small Areas, which includes a smaller tip to make it even easier.

  63. avatarjeannie says

    This thing is really stupid I’m sorry. You have to use it all the time and it doesn’t really work. Smells like burning to.

  64. avatarlemongreen says

    Honestly I think this review might be a lie because I saw a pretty small difference… i DID get a refund though.


    • avatarTruffles says

      I almost returned mine because the 60 day trial was going to run out and I wasn’t seeing that big of a difference yet. I kept using it though and it got much better after that.


    • avatar says

      Technically, the No No is not approved for use on the genitals, and the manual will even warn you not to try it. However, many people on the internet feel that the company is just being overly cautious, and that the No No is safe for use everywhere. YMMV.

    • avatarxie says

      I had one of the early models and it didn’t work but the new ones are a lot better and actually deliver. sorry you had a bad experience.


    • avatar says

      Yes! Unlike home hair removal lasers, which don’t work on dark skin, the No No is safe and effective for any skin type, AND the product is approved for use on the face. Remember that it will take a little more time at first than shaving, but after doing the treatments a while, you’ll find you only need to do touch ups every couple months or so. Beats shaving, huh? :)

  65. avatardebra_french says

    I was pretty excited about this at first but after a few weeks it was clear that it doesnt work that good for me


    • avatarornussa says

      Debra it takes longer than a few weeks to see really good results! Really you have to use it for at least a few months before it’s really good IMHO but hang in there and it will :)


    • avatar says

      Hi Carli! The No No will definitely work on your husband’s ears, though since it’s such a small area it might be easier if you get the optional small areas kit. And yes, you can definitely get the same results as a Brazilian wax, except without the excruciating pain of having your hair ripped out with hot wax.

    • avatar says

      One of the things I love about the No No is that unlike basically EVERY other method of hair removal, the No No leaves the skin basically untouched, targeting just the hair.  I’ve never had any kind of spots or breakouts when using the No No!


  66. avatar says

    I was kind of dissapointed about how long it takes to use, like about 25 or so for my legs, especially at first when I had to do it a couple times a week. BUT once I kept doing it I had to do it less and less and less… TOTALLY worth the initial time investment!

  67. avatar says

    hi i’m a 26 year old women, receved silkn from my husband. i actually mentioned it but dint order one because i thought it would hurt but he bought it anyway. long story short, it DOESN’T hurt LOL but it does get rid of your hair!

  68. avatarOvalle says

    it doesnt matter how long you use this it’s never going to be permanent which is what annoys me the most. saving for a silkn senspil right now.


    • avatarPATRA says

      just out of curiosity do you know which no no you had? people say the old one (classic) is like you said but the new one (8800) is a lot better. i’m considering getting one and there seems to be a lot of confusion about it.


  69. avatar says

    I actually bought a silk’n sensepil a while back but i had to return it because it wouldn’t work for me. skin too dark I guess. well the No NO works NO no problem LOL. I think its also probably easier to use because its a mch smaller device you can fit in your hand. exsellent product!

  70. avatar says

    I was looking to see if there was like a special razor for my bikini area and this is what I found but Idunno is that what I’m looking for? It seems expensive for razor but if it works you know…

  71. avatar says


  72. avatar says

    I decided to try it but I really did think I would end up wanting a refund… been burned (quite literally) by “hair removal” products in the past, but this one is the real deal. I use it on my legs, couple times a week at first now just once in a while.

    • avatar says

      Yep, it sure does! To me, that’s actually the No No’s main purpose. You’ll have to use it fairly often at first, a couple times a week, but in due time you’ll find you go months between touch ups with the unit. It’s awesome :)


  73. avatar says

    I’ve been using No No on my legs for a few months now and I’m seeing really great results, so next time I use it (in like a month) I am considering beginning treatment on my arms too.

    • avatar says

      I’ve tried a number of the sprays and creams and ointments available for hair removal, and they’re just not worth the suffering, IMHO, and the No No gives better, smoother, irritation-free results.

  74. avatar says

    It didn’t get rid of all of my hair but it did get rid of almost all of it. It still comes in but not very much and the hair itself is not as thick, either. It used to look darker, too. I use it about once a month now.

  75. avatar says

    Okay I got it to use on my legs but it worked so well and didn’t hurt at all so now I’m using it on my armpits. I can’t even imagine how much that would hurt to wax! It feels fine, though, it’s actually kind of pleasant warmth.

    • avatar says

      Yes! The No No works with a light amount of heat, no ripping or melting or chemically-burning your hair in that sensitive region.  It may well be the BEST solution for this problem!

  76. avatar says

      Hi I’m pregnant but I want to try this and really get started pretty soon if it takes a couple months for it to really start working. Is it OK or should I wait until I have my baby in a few months?  

  77. avatar says

    I love how those who talk trash about the no no in the comments below don't elaborate on their experience. They just say it was rubbish and that's it.
    I like many others who have posted here have had an overwhelmingly postive experience using the no no. I'm up to around 85% hair reduction on my treated areas :)

    It's simple and easy to use and by far the best home hair removal thingie I have tried.
    Thanks for a great review Ginny.

    • avatar says

      No problem Beth. You’re very welcome.

      I guess for some people the No No doesn’t work but they certainly seem to be in the minority. At least everyone can give it a go and if you’re one of few who don’t see the results I and many others have got, you can return it no questions asked.

  78. avatar says

    I wish I tried it when I got it but I waited too long to return it now I’m mad because I finally tried it and it doesn’t even work. Either I got a broken one or ur a liar.

    • avatarcharmie says

      hey lou did you keep using it? im curious to know what ur results are now its suppose to get better the longer you use it.


  79. avatar says

    In Comment 83 (above) Theresa asks about replacing buffers and thermals; however, you do not respond to her question.  Also, are there other lotions that you recommend other than No No's?

    • avatar says


      Sorry Joanne!

      The replacement Thermicon tips are designed for about a month when you get started with the product, but keep in mind that as you progress with your treatments, you’ll need to use the No No less and less, which means the tips will last you much, much longer.  You don’t absolutely *need* to use lotion, but I do recommend using a mild, non-alcoholic moisturizer like Radiancy recommends.  You don’t need anything special, any good/cheap lotion will do.

  80. avatarApreal says

    I don’t know I was kind of dissapointed It works alright but it didn’t get rid of all the hair like I thought it would… like it will leave a little bit of the thicker hairs I don’t know maybe I have to keep trying it or I’m doing it wrong….

    • avatarlily says

      Hey Apreal I had the same experience when I got the No No when it came out but later I tried one of the newer models (still called a no no so its confusing) and the new one actually works a lot better. as in it actually works lol.


  81. avatar says

    Ive been using this on my bikini line and it works great! It doesn’t hurt so its probably the best option for this area and it lasts a long time. I’ll probably start using it on my legs soon.

    • avatardianne says

      noorie you have to use it more than “a few times” for it to actually work! it took me a few months actually but it does work i swear! worked for me!


    • avatarGinny McK says

      Sorry to hear that :( Can I ask how long you used it for? You generally need to treat yourself 3-5 times a week for min of 3 weeks to see some results.

  82. avatar says

    I used to be embarrassed to wear short skirts or even short sleeve shirts because of all my hair. And if it wasn’t hair, half the time I had rashes or bumps from waxing, shaving etc. No No is the first thing I’ve tried that helps get rid of it for real, so thanks to you and to the makers of NoNo!

  83. avatar says

    It took me about 6 weeks of using it at least twice a week to notice a difference but after that it was like the results got better in less time. The hair that grows back is different… much thinner and even lighter in color. After a while it only comes in a little bit in a long time.

  84. avatar says

    Great review. I read this before I got mine, it’s actually what convinced me, so I just wanted to come back and say thank you! And to anyone who isn’t a believer yet: try it!

    • avatar says

      The technology is similar but slightly different. One of the main advantages the No No has is that absolutely anyone can use it. Click the “Home Laser Hair Removal” link at the side of the page for more about what makes those products different from the No No.

    • avatar says

      Radiancy put a lot of time, money and research into making sure this product was absolutely safe. It’s powerful technology, yes, but it has a lot of safeguards built in to keep that technology from doing any harm to you or your skin.

  85. avatar says

    "Why are the reviews of the No No so poor on Amazon?" – I've seen this question asked a few times and as someone who has been using the No No 8800 model successfully for over a year now, I wanted to weigh in here. The reviews you see on amazon are for the No No CLASSIC model NOT the No No 8800. The Classic was the first version of the No No released and did have a few issues. In response No No released the 8800 model. This is version which is reviewed here and is the model that so many people (including me…) have had success with. Just compare the product shots on the amazon page and this blog to check this. Also notice how the Classic is listed as "Currently unavailable". It's a real shame that so many people are being put off giving the No No 8800 a go all because of some confusion over version numbers! I am not affiliated with the No No company in anyway. I'm just a little fed up that google and amazon can't get their houses in order and clear up mistakes like this. Hope this helps someone.  

    • avatar says

      Thanks for clearing that up. I agree it's a shame that people are being put off such as great solution for hair removal because of this confusion. If you're worried about accidently getting the wrong No No model by mistake, then make sure you get your No No from Radiancy's official site. This way you can guarantee you'll be getting the 8800 model.

  86. avatar says

    I read about the different types of hair removers for at home use and settled on this because of my skin color. This one is GREAT for women of color and I’ve recommended it to my friends. It really works!

  87. avatar says

    this is my experience… bought the No No, used it 3 times a week for 2 months until I noticed the hair wasn’t come back in as thick… then down to 2 times a week and then 1 for a month… the hair gets less and less and takes longer… now i use almost every 2 months

    • avatar says

      What other natural remedies? It’s certainly a lot better than those hair-ripping machines, if that’s what you’re talking about! I’d also rank it well above shaving and waxing.

  88. avatar says

    Wow technology never ceases to impress me! Was dreaming about something like for yeaaars now! I used to have kind of abnormally thick hair and was embarassed by it a lot of the time, spent a ton of money and time and effort dealing with waxing, creams, etc. No NO makes me feel like a real woman now!

    • avatar says

      True, if this was a shaving product, it’d be a total ripoff.  However, you only need to buy it once, and you’ll never have to buy another razor or shaving cream again! Also: the results last A LOT longer!

  89. avatar says

    OMG I would recommend this to all women everywhwere I think. Takes some time to get started but will save you A LOT of time and money in the long run. I do about once a month not even!

    • avatar says

      It’s not permanent. But it does offer long term hair removal. If you’re after a permanent solution then you should check out the tria laser. As with anything though, you more you put in the more you get out. It takes much longer to achieve results with the tria. However, with the No No it only takes a couple of weeks treating yourself for on average 30 mins a day (depending on the treatment area) to achieve 80%+ hair removal. Then you don’t have to treat yourself again for another 3-5 months depending of hair type. With the tria and other home laser hair removal devices, it will take you about 6 weeks to see noticeable hair reduction and around 8 – 10 months of continuous treatment to get the permanent results you’re after. However, once you’ve finished treating yourself you don’t have to worry about body hair ever again. It’s up to you which solution you prefer – The No No is quicker and easier to use and offers long term hair removal. You do however, have to spent 30 mins or so once every couple of month removing small amounts of regrowth. The tria takes longer to see signifnicant results; but it is a permanent solution. Hope that helps :)

    • avatar says

      It takes a bit longer than shaving, I do my legs in about 20 minutes or so. Remember, though, once you’ve been doing it a while you only need to use the No NO every couple months or so! You’ll save a TON of time in the long run!

  90. avatar says

    I did it about every other day when I first got it, bt it’s been about maybe 3 or 4 months now and I only need to use it once a week… very interested in seeing how it progresses. the hair comes in very thin now, too, almost so you cant even notice it. GREAT alternative to shaving!

  91. avatar says

    I tried a Tria and I didnt like it… I thought it was tedious well this one REALLY is just like shaving. You just move it along your skin like you said… I couldnt be happier with the results too! Only takes me about 20 minutes to do my legs… longer than shaving yeah but so are the results!!

    • avatargieanne says

      which one did you get? the no no classic isn’t supposed to be any good but the new one is better. i think you have to do it at least a couple months too.


  92. avatar says

    I tried a Tria and I didnt like it… I thought it was tedious well this one REALLY is just like shaving. You just move it along your skin like you said… I couldnt be happier with the results too! Only takes me about 20 minutes to do my legs… longer than shaving yeah but so are the results!!

  93. avatar says

    I actually had a couple laser treatments a couple years ago for my legs, but then I had some financial issues and couldn’t afford it. I felt like i just flushed my money down the toilet because the hair just came back. Well, I bought No No recently and it was less than ONE laser treatment and it’s actually making my skin smoother. Lasts a good long time but only after a few months of using it.

  94. avatar says

    No No is amazing. It feels like some Star Trek type futuristic technology. Gets rid of hair with just heat, leaves you smooth without rashes or anything, it’s kind of hard to believe until you try it!

  95. avatar says

    Thank you so much for posting this. This is exactly what I have been looking for for YEARS! Literally! I’m just starting to see results now but I only started about a month ago, can’t wait to see how it progresses!

  96. avatar says

    I really love this thing, it works exactly like you said. My only complaint is the burning hair smell, which is probably one of my least favorite smells ever. I burn a lot of candles and open the window when I do it. It doesn’t smell nearly as bad as the hair removing creams I’ve tried, though I’ll say that!!

  97. avatar says

      I was considering doing laser treatments but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars so I was thinking maybe No No? Is it similar results or should I just save my money?

    • avatar says

      The results are very good, but they’re not completely permanent; once you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll still need to do a touch-up every couple months. If you’re interested in at-home laser hair removal, check out some of the home laser reviews on this site!

  98. avatar says

    I tried the Tria Laser hair remover but it wouldn’t work because I have dark skin (I’m black) so I returned it and got a refund. Read this, tried it and it does the trick. I’m in my 4th month of treatment so I’m using it about once a week now, but much less hair comes back and it’s pretty thing when it does.

  99. avatar says

      I actually bought this last year hoping to get rid of all my body hair before summer so I’d look flawless in my bikini… well long story short I started a little too late LOL but when summer rolls around again I can’t wait! I’m as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

  100. avatar says

      When I first started, I’ll be honest, I thought “this takes more time than shaving and it isn’t even working!” I figured I’d keep at it until the guarantee was about to run out, and then it actually started working! Less and less hair comes back as you do it, really.  I’m using it once a month now but hoping to use it even less as time goes on.

  101. avatar says

      I was singing the body hair blues for years LOL! Did waxing, too painful, epilators, WAAY too painful, creams, stinky and painful… shaving was all i was really comfortable with, but No No is on par with that, except I NEVER cut myself and it lasts a lot longer once you’ve been doing it a while. Thank you!

    • avatar says

      I’ve always hated the feeling of fresh stubble. It itches and it’s uncomfortable. One of the cool things about the No No is that since the regrowth comes in thinner than what you had before, it’s not nearly so uncomfortable as it comes back. Spikey? No way. It’s actually softer than what you started with!


  102. avatar says

    Got this as a gift and it sat on my shelf for half a year. I think it was a joke, but I started using it on a whim a couple months ago. My hair is actually started to come back in thinner! I guess I’ll keep it up and see how it goes…

  103. avatar says

    It really is about as easy as shaving, but less messy. Like other people have said you can do this while you watch TV. You have to do it for at least a month before you can really tell it’s working but it gets better and better.

  104. avatar says

     OK I was VERY skeptical at first. I bought it to use on my face because I have a little bit of upper lip hair I wanted to get rid of but I was scared. Tried it on my legs first. It took a while to start working but when it did it really did work! Also, never any pain or break-outs. I’ve begun working on my face and will post again with my results!

    • avatar says

      I’ve been in the same boat as you.  Believe me: the results are really similar, but the process is just sooooo much more comfortable.  I’d now choose the No No over waxing any day!

  105. avatar says

    I am a woman with a little too much facial hair for my liking. Will this product work on my face, and more importantly, will it do it painlessly?

  106. avatar says

    I’m a hairy girl LOL I used to need to shave all the time, tried waxing a couple times. The No No really helps a lot, my hair does come back but barely like I’m a baby, and never any kind of skin bumps or rashes or anything. If it worked on me I think any women can probably use this.

  107. avatar says

    this thing is seriously a miracle! i love that its small enough that i can bring it anywhere just like a razor except it works much longer. i bring it with me on vacation as just another part of my go-bag even though because it lasts so long i dont usually have to use it.

  108. avatar says

    this was a little expensive for my budget but i thought it would pay for itself in the long run. been using it about 8 months or so and the story is the same as a lot of people, slow going at first but now i barely have to use it because my hair doesn’t come back!

  109. avatar says

    Hi, I know your site is aimed at women, but I’m a man looking for long-lasting hair removal. Will it work for me? My body hair is a lot thicker and coarser than the average woman.

    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      Yes, definitely. If you have thicker hair, it might take a little longer to see good results, but keep doing the treatments and you should start seeing positive results within a couple of months.

  110. avatar says

    I was actually worried this would hurt… Ive tried epilators in the past and they were just horrible. I heard a lot of teh newer hair removal devices that are supposed to be “painless” feel like getting snapped by a rubber band… NOT for me LOL! anywayz No No really just feels like a little bit of heat not even as hot as i like my shower. feels good actually and works!

    • avatarandrine34 says

      mellysse that is true at first but if you keep using it it does work. i’ve been doing it a couple months and i only use it like once a week now, much less hair than before so it always takes less and less time you just gotta do it a while!


  111. avatar says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have actually been looking for an alternatve to the Tria since I have darker skin and I don’t think that product would work for me. It definitely does the trick and keeps your skin really smooth for a long long time!

  112. avatar says

    Recently I went to a salon that does hair removal and they told me they were unable to treat me because of my skin tone. I did some research online and found this!  I started fairly recently but I already notice that the hair on my legs is not coming in as much since I started using the No no. Thanks a lot!

    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      Not only should the No No remove your hair without irritation, it does so without that nasty chemical smell and the feel of burning skin!

  113. avatar says

    hi i’m in high school, my mom uses no no and i started using it because i have a little mustash and its embarassing in school. at first it didnt seem like it was working but i kept at it. it takes a couple months but then it really seems to help a lot

  114. avatar says

    I did waxing for years… cost me hundreds, maybe thousands in the long run!  Now I use the No-No every couple months or so. It’s amazing! I wish I had known about it sooner!

    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      Radiancy, who make the No No don’t officially recommend it for use on the genitals or breasts, though consensus on the net seems to be that they’re being overly cautious. Other than that, it works fine for every part of the body. Also: it’s much better than shaving.

  115. avatargnere says

    hello im a guy in my early 20s… was wondering if theres any risk if i use this on my private parts… worried about going sterile lol but seriously any risk?


    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      It sure does! It works on all ALL types of hair. That’s what make it stand out from all other home hair removal products.

  116. avatar says

    Can I use it for my pubic hair? Thst is my number one concern with this as i would like to have no more hair on my shaft, testicles, and general pelvic region.

    • avatarGinny McKnight says

      Yep – it's safe for use on grey and white hair plus unlike most other home hair removers it works a treat on those hair colors. When it comes to the hairline area, you may want to use the small tips attachments but otherwise you're good to go here as well. Hope that helps.

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