Ear Hair Removal for Men: Tips & Tricks

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It must have been about 2 years ago that I finally got sick of people gawking at my ears and the excessive hair growth I used to battle with. I guess sometimes you just decide is enough is enough and over the next few months I made it my mission to seek out the best methods for ear hair removal for men.


One thing you can be sure of is that there are many options for people like me. The most basic, of course, is to trim and cut the hair temporarily. For permanent options, I would have to resort to laser treatment. I am deathly afraid of laser so I am yet to undergo this treatment. Following below is my own experience with ear hair removal for men:


1. Plucking

Plucking is my preferred method for getting rid of hair that grows from within my ears. I usually grab each individual hair from the bottom (close to the root) to ensure nothing is left behind.


When I'm tweezing, I usually use a mirror. Alternatively, I allow my wife to pluck the hairs for me because she sees well, compared to when I use a mirror.


Tips for Plucking Ear Hair Removal for Men


I'm usually careful not to put the tweezers close to my ear canal because this may damage my ear drum. Before I got tilting mirrors installed in my bathroom, I would ask for help in grasping the hair. Try this out and ensure that you hold the skin taut before tweezing the hair in the general direction it grows.


2. Trimmers

I also discovered that electric trimmers work pretty well when I want to keep any of my body hair short. I bought an electric model that has been designed specifically for body hair beyond the face.


These trimmers work well even when I don't use shaving cream. They are my best option for ear hair removal for men. This is because they work well for the outer section of the ears, especially around the lobe.


Tips for Trimming Ear Hair


Once when I was using a manual razor, I cut myself on the area outside my ears. After that, I resorted to the use of regular electric razors. Whenever I visit my barber and stylist, I ask her to trim the hair out of my ears.


3. Melting

On the other hand, when I have the time, I usually melt away hair from my ears using such products as Nair. They work best outside my ears. I am very careful using these products because they can harm my hearing if they penetrate the ear canal. If you plan to melt your hair, also, ensure that you check the ingredients used for allergy triggers.


4. Depilatory Creams

When my ear hairs become unsightly, I employ depilatory creams for ear hair removal for men. I am not allergic to the ingredients contained in any of the creams I've used before so I'm safe – at least for the time being. Usually, I apply small amounts of the cream to my skin and read the list of active ingredients to check whether it reacts badly with my skin.


5. Other Devices

At times, I also use scissors inside the ears. Of course, I go for scissors that are hair specific – especially those designed for precision. I also have a pair of ear and nose hair trimmers that has directional lights and which work well when I want to get both outer and inner hair follicles. They are the most inexpensive solution for ear hair removal for men without much practice or fuss.


6. Laser Surgery

I have no experience with laser surgery. As I mentioned earlier, I am very scared of the whole procedure. However, I have read a little about laser ear hair removal for men. This is the only permanent solutions out there. Needless to say, it's also the most expensive. You need to visit the surgeons severally before the problem is a bygone thing. However, you would be wiser to try the less dramatic solutions first before you undergo surgery.


Tips for Laser Surgery


Only work with professional experts. Before you get treated, first book a consultation to learn how much it will cost you in the end. Look for someone who is reputable and who can answer all your questions before you take such a risk.


Overall, I have discovered there are many ways to deal with facial and ear hairs. Most of these methods work well for me and I don't figure I'll undergo laser ear hair removal for men any time soon. However, if you wish to eradicate the problem completely, laser treatment is your best bet.

Ginny Mcknight


Ginny is the editor of HomeHairRemovalBlog.com.

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